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Born:November 28, 1974
Baton Rouge , LA
Died:September 19, 2006
Germany, Grafenwoehr

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In loving memory of  Terry M.Thomas,U.S Army Chief Warrent Officer 2,(31).He and Chief Warrent Officer 3 Timothy R.Brenemann(36)left this world on 19.September 2006 together.During a routine training in Grafenwoehr,Germany their Apache Longbow helicopter crashed.
Terry M.Thomas was a one of a kind ,who knew how to reach out and touch everybody's heart.A person who cared,gave and loved everybody.A friend to everybody (he alway's said:I never met a stranger )he met and came a cross. A wonderful son to his parents,Alvin Thomas III and Patricia E.Thomas. The greatest brother to TaRhonda Thomas McKee and spouse Michael McKee, Tressa M.Thomas and Timothy Thomas and spouse Passion.
THE GREATEST DAD OF ALL TIME to Tarrisa Medina and Ty Miralem Thomas. He always had time for his to angels. Building a bond of love,laughter,humor and lots of fun memorys.There was absolutely nothing that he would or couldn't do for his buddybare and matzobug. He loved them very much and he showed it everyday with 1000s of hugs and kisses, on and on.
The perfect loving and careing husband to me, Denisa Thomas. I thank good that he blast me with terry.He was the one persone who had all I had praying for.Pure heart,wounderfull personallity,carring ,handsome,gentle,thougthful,loving and so much more.He was and still is my perfect one.
We all where blaest for a short time and miss him dearly.
He touched our heart's and his shine still reaches out to us.Thank you my pretty one.

We all love y for ever.

Your allways loving wife,Denisa and kids Tarrisa and Ty.


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Personal Notes

Today is been 3 years seems I had to learn that you want return.
Today is been 3 years that we want be 1 like we been.
Today is just a memory of what we had.
Us, us to hold one a other up.
To laughter smile, to cry and scream, but never alone we had to deal with this.
You where my hold to all the answers.
You where the one I looked up.
You where my hole world.
A world that I had with you, was my world of love.
And now, there is just a world missing a hole lot of this.
I miss you, you who gave me this all.
Always yours and forever like we sad!
Denisa Thomas yours

Added by always loving wife Denisa Thomas

Hey Terry,

I was sitting out here at Graf Tower and I was thinking about my partna' and decided to drop a couple lines to ya. Man, there was so many things I wanted to tell you bro, then I heard about what happened and I was devastated. I was thinking to myself...NO! not Terry.....NOT MY BOY, NOT MY PARTNA'. Man, that was some shit I didn't want to hear, because I just lost another partner at Ft Rucker and I felt like I was losing all my boys. Terry, I can't thank you enough for keeping me squared away during flight school and for just being my really good friend. You were always helping me and teaching how to stay ahead of the game and my peers during flight school. Most of all you were a true friend and I really appreicate that. I think about you all the time bro....wishing you were here so we could hang out like we said we would.

Added by by friend Stacey Wade

I spoke with your wife just a couple weeks before coming to Graf. Man, that was the hardest thing I've ever done. I thought about it many nights because I didn't know what I would say or how to say it, all I know was I had to say something. Terry, you will be deeply missed bro and you will always be my homie. We will see each other again, and we'll hang out like we said we would. Miss ya and love ya bro.

Forever boys

CW2 Stacey Wade

Added by the rest of letter from Stacey Wade

It's after 12am ,5th Augst 2010..I always get tearing right before a special day that you miss. Close to a nother birthday you miss. And I'm crying for you for us,because of the loss. You been so many times gone and missed some of the kids birthday
Now, it's because you are gone from us. It tears me appart so much inside and I don't know. i have to cry becaus of this sillent! I miss you so much! and I'm always so sorry that you can't and miss out of every thing I go thru. I miss my Big Hugs who hold me strong and you where the only one who could make this world shine brighter! I love you for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added by yours for ever Denisa

Hey my Charmimg One, 5 years and ur birthday is coming up as so is myn. All the holidays again! Well, is a other year going around and I'm living with living it up to where it should be! Changes we go thrue that u look down from heaven and maybe u even could stand next to them. Tarrisa is in high school and is a dancing doll like her aunti! She had home coming and she made me very proud ? Like Ty our little buddy bear , he's the sweetes son I could ever ask for, special his look and spirit that is like his dads! I miss u tremendously! Hoped u would be more around and not leave me behind her with everything that doesn't make sence! I feel so much misunderstood about how much I love u and miss u! I try stand tall like a tower, but is always something that hits my bricks trying to destroy my stand! I love u unconditional and can't , want ever let go of our love! I love u so much
Added by Denis a Thomas urs 4ever!
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