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Born:May 12, 1937
Mayaguez Puerto Rico
Died:November 11, 2006
Tampa Florida

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Our mother made a whish to God when she was only twelve years old.  She prayed, “Dear God all I want to be when I grow up is a mother, and I would like to have five boys”.
God granted our mother her childhood wish. Today she is survived by; Ray Hernandez, Daniel Hernandez, Ruben D. Hernandez, Rene Hernandez, and Israel Hernandez.
She took care of us as if nothing in her life was more important. We always went to school with appropriate looking clothing, and always smelling good. She was a friend and a nurturing mother to all of us. Her relationship was one of giving. She looked to help and give of her self when all she may have been able to afford to give was a humble meal or just time, to listen to us complain about relationships, or the job we just hated. She gave advice when asked and did it with love. She also in spite of her limited income helped all of us, at one time or another with our economic needs. She was amazing as she did all this and always had time for a smile and a song to come from her lips.
She loved to keep herself looking, great and smelling of Shalimar her favorite perfume. Her soft and tender hands we also strong after all she had five boys, and as a referee she did have to pull us a part more than once. As we retired to the bedrooms at the end of another long day of school and homework and, play we failed to notice as children do, that was when our mom would start her nightly routine. She did the laundry, and cleaned the house and ironed our clothing until late into the morning. I would sometimes awake in the early morning to hear her beautiful soprano voice singing love songs and some times church songs about Gods love. As I fell back a sleep, I could smell the pine cent as she moped the whole house. As a child, I believed that heaven would smell like pine and that angels would sing just like my mom.
As usual, a hot breakfast and a perfectly iron set of clothing ready for another day of school would be ready the next morning. I do not remember ever asking her if she was tired, but then again I was under the impression that my mom would last forever. She was for the most part a single mom, with the heart of an angel but with a character that demanded respect. She will forever be our one and only true love. God took her back and we are very grateful to him for having sent an angel to take care of us. May you now finally rest in Gods arms.
With all our love Ray ~ Daniel ~ Ruben ~ Rene ~ Israel Mamy, you will be missed.
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The three most important females in my life
Added by Ray - Loving Son - Loyal Husband - Proud Father

L2R:Rene~Rubin~Daniel~Ray~Israel on Mami's lap
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Our Father Radames* Rene*Ruben*Daniel*ME & Mamy
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Memorabilia (audio, video, files, documents, etc.)
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My son Danny taking care of Gandma - Dec. 2005
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Personal Notes

I thank God not only for the great mom he gave to us but also, for the Great Spirit He gave her.She never gave up. Looking good and showing the world that she was a fighter was her gift to us. We all witnessed her physical pain and the hope in her eyes and on her lips a loving smile. She was rich in faith and love. I was always proud of my mom for bringing up five boys to become responsible men. Thank you mom for instilling in us, faith in GOD and, in our selves.She lived & loved with out fear.
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