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Born:February 6, 1985
Clovis, New Mexico
Died:September 21, 2001
Georgetown, Kentucky at home

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Richard (Richie) was born at Cannon AFB, in Clovis, New Mexico.  Me and my husband were both military at the time.  Richie was a Junior at Scott County High School, in Georgetown, Kentucky, about 16 miles from Lexington, when he committed suicide at age 16, while on the phone with his girlfriend. At the time of his death, he was in a stressful, controlling  relationship of 9 months. He had attempted to break up with her that day and several times prior. He always loved to draw.  His goal in life was to be an 'architect'.  The day 911 happened and I went to pick him up at work, and he said "mom, I am going to be the best damm architect ever, and built the tallest buildings yet". He was in ART III, where he had just discussed with his teacher about turning the old jail into a art museum.  At age 5, he auditioned for the School of Arts in Lexington, and was accepted, however didn't attend due to us moving. This is a shool for students that had a special talent.   There was no school in Georgetown.  He was a perfectionist when it came to looking  good and taking care of himself.  He was called "RIP" for short, because he worked out and had a 12 pack.  He was so proud of that. He was "hot" as the girls say, and could have had any girl. In June, Richie found out his girl was pregnant, however her parents made her terminate it. Richie was heartbroken and so were we, for we weren't even consulted.  He wrote a poem entitled "My Life as It Is  Richie worked part time at a pizza parlor, for at 16, he had a car, insurance and cell phone and was his main priority when it came to paying his bills. Alot of my friends couldn't believe how at that age, was as responsible as he was.   He was proud that he could go out and 'buy that television and leather jacket he wanted.  He was also on the football team in 1999, and had just spoke up going back. His classmates loved him.   Richie gave up alot to be with his girlfriend, and even though in love, just couldn't handle it anymore.  There were no warning signs. Friends at school said that he would get angry whenever people would talk about killing themselves, and always tried to help them if anything.  Everyone loved him because he was always friendly.  His popularity drew attention when heard of his death, for its a small community.  Friends and neighbors, some of which I have never met, came to my home and brought food, flowers. Its was so overwhelming and unbelievable that such a promising future had been taken from someone so young.  I wish Richie would have known how many people cared about him and could have guided him in another direction.  Richie has a brother who is now 19, and is still coping.  They never got along, however the love was still there.  I know that my angel is now in heaven, and with his opa who just passed in May.  He was my firstborn, and will forever be in mine and my families hearts.
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Richie at Xmas 2000
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For anyone thinking about suicide, please think twice. Suicide is a permanent solution. It may seem like your ending your pain and everyone elses, but in the long run, it leaves scars for the loved ones left behind. Please see my website at for suicide information. You are loved.
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