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Born:May 6, 1947
Died:January 9, 2005
Royston, Hertfordshire

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If tears could build a stairway
And memories a lane
I'd walkright up to heaven
And bring you home again

I know, my love,
The time has come
To finally let you go.
I know you're gone,
I must move on
To walk this lonely road.
And yet it seems
You're still with me
Each movement that I make -
A guiding light,
Still burning bright
With each step that I take.

I can't forget,
I won't regret
The moments that we shared.
Your gentle face,
The loving ways
That showed how much you cared.
Right from the start,
You touched my heart,
You opened up my eyes.
You helped me see
What I could be,
That I could reach the skies.

Now I still find
You're on my mind,
Though you're so far away.
I know it's wrong,
I can't hold on,
It's time to find my way -
Without your love
To lift me up,
Sometimes it's hard to face.
But in my dreams
You're still with me,
A part I can't erase.

With each new day,
It doesn't fade,
It's lonely with you gone.
Keep haunting me,
And yet I must move on.
Perhaps in time
Someday I'll find
It doesn't hurt so much.
But I know now
Without a doubt,
I won't forget your love.

Dedicated to My Wonderful Trev on Valentines Day 2007 - I miss you so much - I am what I am because you loved me -sleep tight my precious sweetheart xxxxx

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2 Years on and I still miss you so so much - you are in my every waking thought - I LOVE YOU always, until we meet again xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Added by Your every loving Sweetheart, Shazzy
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