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Born:May 27, 1989
Stoughbridge, West Midlands
Died:December 22, 2006
Torquay, Devon

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Hayley Mills was a special person. Her smile could light up a room and make even the most sad person smile. Her bubbly nature endeared her to many.
Hayley loved to look after people. If someone was upset or frightened then you could count on Hayley to be there to help. Hayley wanted a career in Public Services so she could continue to help people when she was older. Now she can watch over all of us from heaven.
The world lost a wonderful person. Hayley should have been able to go one with all her dreams. Everyone who knew her knew that she had so many dreams to fufil. Hayley wanted to get married and have her own children one day. She was always telling her friends what she would call her children and who would be their godparents and what she would wear to her wedding. That was another thing about Hayley. She loved to talk.
Hayley could spend hours telling you about herself. What she had been doing and what she was going to do later. There was never boredom when she was around.
God bless Hayley Mills. Her family and friends will miss her. Her memory will be in their hearts forever.
Sleep tight, our little angel. We all love you so much. We will never forget you. xxxxxxxx
The crazy beauty herself!!
Added by Nick D


Added by Anonymous

smile that would light up the darkest nights
Added by Stephen Bridle
Memorabilia (audio, video, files, documents, etc.)
This Year...For Hayley.doc
I would like other people to understand the impact Hayley has had on my life. Thanks babe RIP xx
Added by Kristina
Personal Notes

Hayz, I'm going to miss you more than anything. You were one of my really good mates and I can't believe you've gone. See you up there babes xxxxx
Added by Kristina

i shouldent of happen to you you were to nice but i will make sure your memories lives on there are so many people that will make that happen i promise you that i will still always be there for you i promised you that ant that will never change you ment the world to so many people that will never change love you from Stephen bridle xxx
Added by stephen bridle

So shocked to hear your gone. Hadnt seen you for so long but i remember having so many good and fun memories of you! Take care of yourself wherever you are Jon White x
Added by Jon White

Well always miss you and your crazy ways, its what made us love you so much in so many ways, all our hearts go to you and your family, ne1 who knew you could find 1001 reasons you made a normal day sum of the best days n laughs possible. All my love to you 4eva. xxxxxxx
Added by Nick Dempsey

this isnt goodbye, this is jus good luck and goodnite until i see my big sis agen! miss you so much so dus mom and the rest ov the family we want you bak more thn eva ! our love always wil be wif u!.x
Added by Jennii .. Lil sis x

Hey Hayley I cant believe that you are really gone!it was such a shock to hear that you of all poeple were taken so soon you were so full of life and love. We didnt even get to say goodbye. lease be at peace now and be happy wherever you are!I know we will all meet again some day when the ways of this world can no longer hurt any of us and we can always be ourselves the way you always were in life! Take care and goodnight Hayley xXx
Added by amanda xXx

I know we werent the best of friends at the end of ur life but i have always cared for you like my little sister. You were part of my family full stop. I do know ur not in pain or suffering ne more, I wont be sad but ill be happy cuz it is wat u would of wanted. you were the person who helped me through my problems but i couldnt help u. Im so sorry, Hayley was a star, she was crazy n every1 loved her 4 that. May she rest in peace
Added by Bernie

I'll Never Forget You. I'll always be waiting to meet you in the street again, like we normally did. <3 Ly x
Added by Bexy x
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