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Born:July 19, 2000
Lethbridge, Alberta
Died:December 8, 2002
Bow Island, Alberta

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Gabriel was born on July 19, 2000 to Oscar and Christy Strom. Gabriel was a charismatic and loving child. He drew family and strangers to him. He had a magnetic energy that flowed around him. He could make the bleakest day a ray of sunshine. He had many friends in his short life. His best friend was a bunny given to him by Nana-Lyn. Bunny went everywhere with him! In October of 2002, Gabriel picked out a puppy and named him Sulley, after one of his favorite movies, Monsters Inc. Other favorite movies were "Woody, Buzz" (Toy Story), Shrek, a Bug's Life and Little Mermaid. The last movie Gabriel and his dad saw together was Treasure Planet. Gabriel would climb into bed with us at 6:00 each morning, bright and cheery and say "Momie, mom? Momie, otay?" Gabriel loved to watch his movies. Gabriel and Sulley became inseparable. One cold day in December, Gabriel was helping his dad fix his truck in Grandpa's shop. Gabriel was getting dirty so Dad told him to go to the house and get Grandpa to wash his hands. Gabriel said, "Otay, dad." He walked out of the shop and said, "I wuh you, dad," smiled, waved and walked away with Sulley. Twenty minutes later we would find our precious boy laying lifeless in the dugout at grandma and grandpa's farm. The farm was his favorite place to be. He took one final adventure to the windmill on the dugout with Sulley, and then he was gone. Gone from our lives forever. We miss him so much and the pain is so intense. We will forever love our precious Angel Gabriel.

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