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Born:December 26, 2002
Died:May 31, 2003

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On December 25,2002 I went into labor. I knew this time was the real thing. I couldn't wait to hold my son in my arms. I had waited so long on his arrival. I just hoped his daddy would get there into inwhich he got there right as they were doing the c-section.God,help that poor nurse he was so rude to.He was just worried about his old lady and son though. We were in good hands at least I thought so I can't say the same for him.At 3:37 we had a perfectly healthy baby boy. I decided to name him RickHell Christian Alexander Jaden Jhamal Sparks.He was beautiful,looked just like his daddy. From the moment we got him in our room Richard toke right up with him. They watched tv together. That is the first newborn baby I have ever seen hold his head up but RickHell was always being noisey trying to see what was going on.He was an amazing little boy. 
RickHell was growing so big and stealing everyones heart. He was a real heart taker.Even people who didn't know him would walk up and comment on how cute he was and ask if he could have him. There was no way any one was getting him. His mommy,daddy and nanny Margarate loved him to much for that to happen.
On May 31,2003 I awake to RickHell's crying at about 5:30 like always ,he even woke up his nanny.I got up fixed him a good warm bottle. Got him back off to sleep,went back to sleep myself.At about 6:30 I awake again this time to something no parent should ever have to wake up to. My son was dead,I knew the moment I picked his little body up that he was gone. I awake his daddy who started CPR while I called the paramedics. They worked on my son for hours but couldn't bring him back to us.

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