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Born:August 23, 1965
Died:December 28, 1998

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Lesley Roger Mays or as we all called him Roger. Was one in a million. There will never be any one like him again. He was born August 23, 1965. In Huntington WV. His parents are Juanita Mae(Morrison) Mays, his father was Earsel L. Mays. 
He married at an early age,to Naomi Sexton. and together they had two daughters. Crystal Dawn Mays,and Leslie Michelle Mays. He loved his girl's with all his heart. But do to problems him and his wife divorced.
Then we met, my name is Deana Marie Mays, I have to children from a previous marrage. My daughters name is Misty Browning and my son's name is Christopher Browning. Roger treated them just like they were his own children. He was very much loved. And still is.
He worked at Greater Huntington Parks and Recreational District. He loved his job, and everyone who worked there. His favorite place to take me to was the Rose Garden, we would set there for hours, and look at all the beautiful flowers.
When he loved he loved with his whole heart.We did not have much but, we always had love. And I know he loved us, I have never doubted that for a second.
On December 28, 1998, he went to see his dad, in Raccoon Creek, East Lynn WV. His father, uncle and a family friend were drinking moonshine. When Roger got there he started drinking too. His father shot and killed him, And no one can rember what happened. When he died, part of my heart died with him.
His father was arrested that night and went to jail, he spent a few months in the Wayne County Jail, when it went to trial his father pleaded guilty to involentery manslaughter and got time served and home confinement.
His father may not have payed for his crime by going to prison, but I know he payed for it mentaly. Roger's father loved his son, Roger was the only child that would ever have anything to do with him. Becouse how he treated his family growing up.
Roger had a very hard life with his father. Some times I actualy feel sorry for my father in law, becouse he had to live with the guilt of what he done. But my father in law will never suffer as much as the rest of us has,Earsel L. Mays died a few years later, at Teays Vally Center. I still have not found out what that place is yet, but I will.
Roger's favorate saying was "LIFE DONT MAKE PEOPLE HARD, PEOPLE MAKE PEOPLE HARD". I never did believe that until he was murdered, now I know its true.
After Roger died I was left to pick up the pieces. I had no choice I had to go on. So I did,Then his family did not want nothing to do with me.They said it was to hard on them to see me. They could not handle it. So I did not just loose my husband I lost his whole family. I love Crystal and Michelle just like they were my own children. I miss them so very much, and I always will.
It has been almost five years since he has died, and I still miss him and thank of him every day. And I will love him until my last breath.
I believe everyone has a soulmate. And Roger was mine. I will never love like that again. So any one who reads this and you have that one true love, please tell them everyday that you love them , because you never know, when your "I love you", will be the last time you say or hear it again.

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One word frees us of all the
Weight and pain of life;
That word is "LOVE."
Poem by - Sophocles

Added by Deana Mays

It was your time. I know that now
Angels took you from us that night.
All I have now are memories.
After dark I look up to the sky
You’ll always be the brightest star
Watching my life pass me by.

One day I will see you again,
At the end of my very last day,
You will be there to guide me.
To heaven you’ll show me the way.

Added by Deana Mays
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