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Born:January 14, 1985
Los Angeles
Died:October 28, 2005
San Bernardino, Ca

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Brandon was killed bye someone who was his same age. It's sad to say that when i tell his story that most people seem to think it was gang related because he died at a young age and a a very violent death. This was not the case with Brandon, i hate defending him like he was the bad person, when he was a victim. Like they say at the wrong place at the wrong time. My son was a very caring, kind giving, loving, respectful, young man. he was the type to open your doors, carry your groceries in for you, yes mamm kind of kid. yeah he had some faults who didnt or dont. But im glad i taught him some manners when alot of other young kids just run wild. I dont have any regrets or anything left undone or said to him. He will be missed bye so many who cared for him.

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this is a place to come and express your feeling about brandon other than myspace. i hope to see all your views
Added by yo momma
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