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Born:February 9, 1984
Died:August 12, 2006
Campbell, Missouri

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I wish everyday that I could see Bub atleast one more time..Just so I could tell him how much I love him...He was very special to me and I miss him alot...Billy helped me everytime I needed him...He was the best Uncle anyone could ever ask for...He was caring,loving, and always thought of others....We always new when Billy done something wrong....He would get this smile on his face and you knew right then he was up to something....I can remember when we were little Billy would always think of me and my sister whenever he got sick....He would buy us gold chains and stuffed animals...We should of been the ones buying him stuff...But no he was always thinking about us...I hope and pray that Billy is at peace and I hope he knows that he has a family that loves him and misses him so much....I will never forget him and that smile on his face....

Jennifer Nickles
Big and Little Billy.jpg
Big and Little Billy
Added by Jennifer
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Who'd You Be Today
Added by Jennifer
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I love you Bub and always will!!!!!!

Added by Jennifer

Your memory lives forever within our hearts . We love you very much and always will treasure the short time that we were priviledged to have had you in our mist. There is not a day that passes that we don't think about you. We could always call on you to help us with anything that we needed to do. We miss you very much and pray that you know how much your family and friends miss you and love you.

Added by Rick and Betty

They say time heals all wounds.This wound will never heal.They say it gets easier with time. Times are not getting easier.They say love is eternal.Love is eternal!No matter what you have done, you are still our baby.There is not an hour of every day that we don't think of you.There will always be something missing in our lives,and that something is you.All we have are memories now, but that is okay.Because,without memories we have nothing and we have you.

Added by Bill , Sharon, and Gena Meadows
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