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Born:July 7, 1954
Died:February 16, 2007

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Vicky was a loving daughter,sister,mother,and friend to those who knew her. She loved music and to dance. She enjoyed family gatherings & getting together with her friends, of which she had many. A woman of her own, she left a mark of wisdom in everyone she met. Without a doubt a rebel in life, no one would dare test. Strong, witty extra ordinary soul who we all loved so! Her cooking came from the heart, a true master of the foot arts. You always could pick her out of a crowd, Red on the head she held so proud. Whether she was at the NO NAME BAR or out just borrowing a car,you always could count on her to be there to lend out an ear. Her little pal Rojo would always crow and for what only the good LORD knows. She overcame her fears without a single beer, as her eye shed a tear. Life threw her curves that always seemed to be highly obsured. She handled most with grace & style, as for others she would “tare ass” for miles. Ending up in Amarillo, the last place she ever intended to go, for real though. She had a knack for that good ‘ol dirt track, and loved Nascar. She married an Okee named Phil, gave her the seal that made her an undeniable LITTRELL. How they met I’m sure was GODS’ will, you can’t get me to tell. Then one day she fell under the spell of a childhood male One of the Austin boys’ pals, we call Ira. He brought out her inner soul “survivor”,there will never be another quite like her. Her two kids could tell you ‘bout her best. GOD had his rest then blessed them with the best-of-the-best. But only for a little while, to help them walk down that bittersweet lifelong mile. He decided to call her home with a gentle smile. She will forever be in our hearts, visit us in our dreams, hey maybe sometimes intervene. As she makes our life much more keen, all the while guiding us to become better human beings! 
She will be loved and missed, and never forgotten by all who knew her!
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Never A Dull Moment

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Mom, Me, & Makayla X-mas 2006

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Mom & Jared

Drawing of Mom 7-09 3 2.jpg
Drawing Of Mom By Jared Littrell
Added by Jared Littrell
Memorabilia (audio, video, files, documents, etc.)
YOUR LOVE I LEARNED by Erik Osborn 2.doc
Poem by Erik Osborn
Added by Christie Littrell Osborn

Angel Of The Night by Lesslie Smith 2.txt
Poem by Lesslie Smith
Added by Lesslie Smith
Personal Notes

Momma,I miss you so much.I've had a hard time letting you go.I'm glad that your not in sick anymore!I know I will never understand why God had to take you,but I guess we all have our time to go.I really never realized how much I needed you untill you were gone.I'm so sorry for that!Love,Always and Forever your daughter Christie

Momma, Sure is strange here without you! We all miss you so much! I promise I will not let Makayla forget you! I'm so thankful for the time you and Makayla had together. She misses you so much! Jared really needs you right now! Watch over us and help us all make the right decisions. You will always be in our hearts and on our minds. Your memory will always be here! Me,Jared,Erik and Makayla love and miss you! Your daughter,Christie


You are an amazing woman and taught me a lot in life that I will never forget. You are more than a great GranGran and you are truely missed with all our hearts. I know you are watching over us and will lead us in the right direction. You are the true meaning of a strong woman and I thank you for letting us be a part of your life in more ways than one. WE LOVE YOU.

Added by Jaime Morgan and Kiowa

Saying goodbye is one of the hardest things that we will ever do in life. Life is hard and sometimes things happen that we do not understand. I think that aunt Vicky would want all of us to remember the goodtimes that we all shared in her life. We know that she loved her family and her friends. If she were here today she would tell us all to love one another and live life to the fullest. I believe she would be saying don't cry for me I am where I want to be. For those of us who choose Christ we will see her again. Life is short here on this earth, but we have eternity to look forward to. I have alot of family I can't wait to see, all of them I miss greatly. I pray that you will all know today that you are loved. Heaven is just a prayer away.
Added by Kim Morgan

Vicky will be greatly missed by all who knew her. But now she can watch over us all and try to keep us on our toes!! Fly with the angels Vicky!! We love you.
Added by LAURIE
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