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Born:September 26, 2000
Rexburg Idaho
Died:November 3, 2003
Primary Childrens Hospital Salt Lake City Utah

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Jordan was such a joy to all.  He was always happy and smiling.  His white hair radiated his "sunshiny" personality.  Everyone that knew him was always telling us how cute he was and what a good happy boy he was.  He was the 7th of 8 boys.  He had been a "BIG" brother for just about 2 months when he died and loved his little brother.  He loved all of his brothers.  But he seemed to have a special bond with his biggest brother Adam.
He was always mommies "sugar plum". Any time I would try and leave him home while I ran to the store, he would always say "But mommy, I's your sugar plum."
Many many times he would go with Daddy to maverik to fill me (mommy) a mug of ice water and the workers there would always comment about how that mug was bigger than he was.
He loved kitties and would sit out in our porch swing many times swinging with the kitties.
He loved playing "inthetendo" (nintendo) with his brothers.
He liked to hit himself in the head and say "I'm a doofus."
He called chocolate "chalockate." He liked playing daddies "pooter" (computer) and liked mass worpshop (math workshop) the best. He liked to tease the other boys when he'd get to go somewhere and tell them that he got to go "wissout you."
He was just such a sweet spirit and from the time he was born, we often commented on how he just seemed to have a special little spirit. He was always so calm and happy and made others around him happy.
He got sick on October 26th, 2003. We thought he just had the flu or something similar. Kids get sick all the time. That was a Sunday evening. The following morning, on one of his MANY trips to the bathroom, I noticed a bloody mucous in his stool. I told Brad I thought he better go to the doctor so I took him. They ran a blood test and found it to be bacterial. They gave me and antibiotic to give him and said if he wasn't getting better by the next day to bring him in. The next day he didn't seem any better so I took him back. They then gave him an antibiotic shot.
By the following day, he just was not getting any better. By noon, I had Brad take him to the ER to see what was wrong. They spent the afternoon there and decided he better go down to primary childrens hospital in Salt Lake City Utah.
Once down there, they ran many tests and discovered he had HUS (hemolytic uremic syndrome). They feel the only way kids get this is from e coli. Although Jordan tested negative for e coli, it simply could have just been out of his system by then and he was testing positive for a toxin that is also seen with e coli. Giving him the antibiotic could have been what caused the e coli to turn into HUS.
He just basically went downhill each day and by the following Sunday....just one week after he first showed signs of illness, Brad called me and told me I better come down. (I couldn't be there in the first place because we have a two month old preemie baby that I am nursing and I couldn't leave him...nor did we feel it would be good to take him to the hospital and expose him to whatever may be there.) That evening, my brother and his wife drove me there. When I got to him, I could tell his life was already gone. The following day, we had Brad's parents and my parents come and bring the boys so they could say their final goodbyes to Jordan. They took him off life support Monday November 3, 2003 and within minutes, he was "officially" gone.
He will be remembered always as our "sunshine" and "mommies sugar plum." Forever our angel.

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