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Born:December 30, 1942
Linevill, Alabama
Died:February 21, 2007
I-20, mile marker 26, in Aiken county, South Carolina

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Clay was in a accident on I-20 at milemarker 26, he was on his way to his daughters house to take her the family dog and he was in the fast lane and went to get into the slow lane and did not relize that there was a car right in his blind spot and went to correct his self and hydroplaned and hit the car he was trying to avoid hitting in the first place, They went sliding across the highway and hit the gaurdrail, His car flipped over the other car then over the gaurdrail, landed on its wheels and came to rest. Clay past away on impact.

He was a loving husband, father, grandfather, brother, friend, and godfather. We cannot beleive that his time was so early...He left behind his wife, three kids, grandchildren and friends. My name is Kristen Birchfield and I am his granddaughter, we have had some great memories of him...The cooking, the vacations, the laughter, and the arguments. Even though I still cannot get it in my mind that he is gone I know in my heart he is right there with all the family, our world felt like it came to an end when he passed away. But we know that he is in heaven watching us and making sure that we don't greive over him too much. I guess that I will have to make sure that everyone in the world knows that life is too short to be mean, even if you were the meanest person alive, you still have a chance to chage your life. Tomorrow is never promised, so you should live each and everyday as if it was your last....I have learned this the hard ay...that was always my slogon, but now I beleive it. If it takes you losing the one you love to realize that you are never promised a tomorrow maybe you should think..."What If?" or "Maybe I should" I knew that they ( my grandmother and grandfather), would grow old and pass away together, I didn't know that he would go fist, and before I thought he should. It will take alot to get over but we will do it...

My grandfather left this world loving my grandmother, they spent 45 years and 1 day together. I hope that I can find the love they shared, and be as happy as they were together. Everyone that knew them said that "Clay&Sue" was one word, and their love was the reason for that one word. Everyone he touched in his life, knew of the kindness and love he had in him, but my grandmother was the luckiest woman in the world, she got to feel it all the time. I hope she still feels it, he loved her a lifetime, and a day.

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