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Born:June 18, 1943
Died:January 4, 2006
Greenville, Mississippi

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My Dad was a farmer all his life.  He workded hard to take care of my mom and me.  Growing up I  always thought he was to strict, but I look back now and realize that he only loved me and was protecting me.  

In 1996 my Dad's lungs collasped on him and we almost lost him. But God decided to let us keep him for a little while longer. He was put on oxygen and was no longer able to work. A couple of years laters his kidneys collasped and he was put on dyliases. He went to this 3 days a week until he passed away in 2006. As time went by he would grow tired of going and want to give up, but I always tell him, "Dad if you won't do for yourself, do it for your grandkids." And he always keep going.

The last year of my dad's life he spent most of it in and out of the hospital. There were times that we were told he was not coming home and he always would. This went on for awile until January of 2006. He went in the hospital on January 2, 2006 and he passed away on january 4, 2006. The day that passed away I had went into his room and and kissed him on his forehead and told him, "Daddy it's ok, go ahead and let go. I'll take care of Mom. It's ok Dad, you go fly with the Angels. But promise me one thing when you finish flying around and seeing all of Heaven and visiting with God you come back to the gate and wait me." Later that night he left this world behind and now he flys with the angels.

My dad was and still is my hero. He was always there for me when I needed him and even when I didn't think I needed him. I only hope that I can half the parent that he was.

I love you Daddy! and I miss you!

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