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Born:November 25, 1985
Greeley Col.
Died:March 15, 2007
Salem Ohio

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Nicholas Farrow better known as Nick or Bubba to family and close friends.
On March 15th 2007 Nick was taken suddenly by a grand maul seizer. To the shock of many friends and loved ones
How to even start with a description of Nick, Maybe Gentle Giant. A boy to his parents and me but a young man to his peers and employers. This Young man was one of the most caring young adults that I could have ever had the opportunity to become friends with. If you knew Nick one thing you could always count on was a hug hello and a hug goodbye, even if it had been months since you last talked to him. He would great you with a goofy smile and make a wise crack to me or my husband in our case. I don’t think anyone was a stranger to Nick. Outside appearance didn’t mean a thing to him inside is what he looked at. Not what you are but how good of a person you are was what he was looking for..
He loved his Mother and Father,sister and brother and cherished every moment they had together. A close friend said that Nick and he were talking about his older sister Nikki a few days ago and he said how lucky he was to have Nikki as a sister or even better a best friend. Now that is knowing what you have and putting it in the right place. He was a fantastic Uncle! Uncle Bubba, his 18 month old niece would yell when he walked threw the door. No one else mattered to Kyra not even her mom when Uncle Bubba was in the house. Nick would always take the time to stop a few times a week to see his niece and nephew he was never to busy for Kyra and Devonte
Nick was a boy beyond his years. I got to know him as a 15 year old boy that went to school had very good grades and worked a full time job so that he could help keep himself.
As a 16 year old he kept himself by working at a Dairy Farm after school into the night and on weekends. He would come home smelling of wet hay and cow Poo. He would make sure he showered and washed his clothing as soon as he came in so that no one else had to smell what he had all day long. No one had the heart to tell him the smell never left. This is a memory that will make my family and I smile every time we do our laundry.
I do not believe that Nick belonged in a better place at 21 nor do believe that he would be better off here on earth at 21. I personally believe that a caring young man was taken from a somewhat less caring world far too soon. If Nicks Death has taught me anything it is to love like there is no tomorrow. No matter how mad you are at someone remember that the last words you say to them may be the last of your words they get to hear. Don’t be afraid to hug a near stranger they might need it. Don’t look too closely at their appearance there may be a rainbow of beauty inside or a bright cloud that masks the real inner beauty.As far as Nick goes its not the size of your body or the shape of your face that makes people weary of you it’s the lack of love in your heart that can be seen and makes them weary of you. At 6”1 and of large stature this young man made no person weary of his heart and anyone that knew him could see a rainbow of beauty inside.

Look he did have 2 fingers
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its a bird its a plane its nick and the flying finger
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