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Born:September 1, 1993
Died:February 10, 2007

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Two sets of footprints in the snow,

one to guide me as I go

through the winter of my years -

He walks with me and calms my fears.

Through the cold, white drifts of time,

each flake a memory of mine

that's treasured, deep within my heart ...

and will be yours when we must part.

I've traveled through this snowy meadow,

once bathed in sunlight, now in shadow;

but I've not made the trip alone,

for two sets of footprints I've been shown.

One has been the steady trail,

where He lifted me so I'd not fail;

the other where He walked with me

and calmed the storm so I could see.

Angel Eyes
Added by Anonymous
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Personal Notes

Like the rays of the sunshine did she make us feel,warm like the summer morning.Like the colors of the rainbow did she drop on all of us a different color to brighten someones day.Like the stars in the night sky did she always shine on us giving a feeling of peace and comfort.Now in the hands of the Lord will our beautiful angel rest.Still looking down on us will she make us feel the way she did on earth.Sleep well my little angel
Added by Auntie Melissa Harder
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