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Born:September 22, 1955
Abington, PA
Died:March 3, 2007
Hooversville, PA

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Chuck was a friendly, laid back type of guy.  You didn't know many people like him.  He was spontaneous and filled with life!  Nothing could stop him from his hunting trips, fishing trips, motorcycling trips and any other trip that would keep him busy.  If you stopped by his house at any given would find him tinkering around in the garage trying to fix something.  If he wasn't home...he was probably at the local pub enjoying a few 'brewskies' or what he also liked to call 'hydraulic sandwiches'.  If he wasn't right at the bar making new cronies, he was probably on the dance floor.  From what I hear, he was quite the 'disco duck' back in the day.  He had a passion for music.  He had no problem with packing up his stereo equipment with his hundreds of CD's as long as it meant having a good time with everyone.  As a kid, I remember him heading off our block party with the speakers in the back of his truck playing some American music while us kids followed him on our bike up and down the street!  He knew how to party!!!!

Ya, Chuck was an extremely fun and outgoing person, but he was also compassionate and caring. He never had a problem helping anyone do anything. The grandchildren were very entertaining for him as was he to them. He loved being a 'Pappy'.

I really could go on forever about what my father means to me and how he has touched so many people. I am so thankful for the time I had with him. Nothing will fill this new void in my life.

Please, share some stories, short and long; sad, funny or just memorable. He would want us all to laugh and carry on.

Dad (a.k.a. Popsickle!) We all love you and will always miss your smiling face and your sense of humor!

Nicole Roessel-Gomeringer
beef jerky.jpg
Me & Dad, making beef jerky...winter of 2003.
Added by Nicole Gomeringer
Memorabilia (audio, video, files, documents, etc.)

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John almost heaven lyrics.htm
2007's Brain Flush Bike Trip theme in remembrance of 'Chuck' and 'Cork' ...thanks Jack for keeping my dad's memory alive!
Added by Nicole
Personal Notes

I invite you all to share my father's memory. He was an awesome guy who touched us all! His fun, laid back, caring ways will live in us all forever. I encourage you to post pics and stories. Thank you.
Added by Nicole (Roessel) Gomeringer

I didn't know Chuck that well, but I did know how much he loved his family and friends. He loved being a grandfather and dancing with his daughter at her wedding. He was a fun loving guy who wanted the most out of life, and he will be missed greatly by many people.
Added by Carol Ann

Chuck was in my homeroom,C.R. class of 73,We also worked together at Davisville Sunoco before he went into contracting,worked on his red,white and blue Rambler Rebel together.Had a couple of cigars when my daughter was born. He would stop at the house sometimes. Althuogh I had not seen him in years, I'm glad I knew him,sorry for your loss, Sincerely, Mike Revak
Added by Mike Revak

I'll always remember Chuck for having the best holloween custume at dougherty's holloween party .he always won(frankenstein)never looked better.we'll miss you Chuck.

Love,Mark & Kathy Mcanally .

Added by Mark & Kathy Mcanally

Chuck took on the roll of being my dad over 30 years ago. In that time he gave me some great memories from listening to music on his really loud stereo, making tuna fish sandwiches for lunch in his ice cold apartment before taking me to work w/ him, going to a Phillies game, canoeing down the Delaware, and the list goes on and on and on. He guided me through life by teaching me the value of hard work, friendship and caring. I will miss him so much!
Added by Jimmy Ward
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