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Born:March 29, 1926
Hilo, Hawaii
Died:June 1, 2007
New Port Richey, Florida
Clarence J. Amaral (Kelly), 81, of Port Richey, Florida, passed away Friday, June 1st, 2007 at Pasco/Hernando County Hospice Facility in New Port Richey, Florida due to numerous health complications. 

Kelly was born in Hilo, Hawaii, March 29, 1926, and is survived by his Son, Andrew W. Amaral of New Port Richey, FL; Daughter, Heidi Caine of Miami Beach FL; Daughter, Heather Clemow of Williamstown, MA; Daughter Holly J. Holmes of Boca Raton, FL; Son, Clarence J. Amaral, Jr. of Raiford, FL; 7 Grandchildren: Michael Clemow, Katie Levering, Clarence J. Amaral III, Christina Victoria Amaral, Antonia Anna Amaral, Nicholas W. Caine, Andrew M. Amaral; and 8 known Great-Grandchildren: Clarence J. Amaral, IV (JoeJoe), Isabella Grace Amaral, Annie Levering, Katie Rios, Rachel Rios, Brooklyn Rios, Cameron Elliot, and Logan Elliot as well as close family friends June W. Amaral (former wife), Ray Cook, and Darla Kleinik.

After serving in World War II, Kelly's strong leadership qualities paved the way to a career as a Merchant Marine and Boat Captain. During his command, Captain Kelly sailed his way into the commercial fishing industry and into many hearts.

Captain Kelly was a true seaman at heart. He loved life at sea, and for the most part, it was his home. He visited numerous ports of call during his career, bringing back countless tales to the mainland. Some were revealed, but it would be safe to say most were not! As a shrimp boat Captain he navigated the waters off of California, Hawaii, Mexico, Texas, Florida, just to name a few.

Kelly was cremated at The Neptune Society in Palm Harbor, Florida. His remains were scattered at sea by his Son, Andrew W. Amaral during a Burial at Sea ceremony 3.5 miles off the coast of Sand Key, Florida on Sunday, July 29th, 2007 - a fitting farewell for a proud Boat Captain, Loving Father, and Friend.

Afterwards, a lone Frigatebird was seen in the sky above. It is believed the native Hawaiian bird was there to help show Captain Kelly the way home ...


Gone From My Sight

I am standing upon the seashore. A ship, at my side, spreads her white sails to the moving breeze and starts for the blue ocean. She is an object of beauty and strength.

I stand and watch her until, at length, she hangs like a speck of white cloud just where the sea and sky come to mingle with each other.

Then, someone at my side says, "There, she is gone"

Gone where?

Gone from my sight. That is all. She is just as large in mast, hull and spar as she was when she left my side. And, she is just as able to bear her load of living freight to her destined port.

Her diminished size is in me -- not in her. And, just at the moment when someone says, "There, she is gone," there are other eyes watching her coming, and other voices ready to take up the glad shout, "Here she comes!"
Dad, when I grow up, can I get a Goatee too?
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"Happy" (it's the Dog's name too)
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Halloween (or is this not a costume?)
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Friendship was very important to Kelly
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Love Always
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Swept Away
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Memorabilia (audio, video, files, documents, etc.)
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U.S. Coast Guard
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Original Birth Certificate.jpg
Original Birth Certificate
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Marriage Certificate
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Personal Notes

Thanks Dad for showing me there is a Santa Claus, taking me on those fun fishing trips & showing me how to puke overboard like a REAL man (was I SUPPOSED to turn green & puke?), & for teaching me that there is more to women than just their minds ;-). Also, thanks for showing me glass sliding doors aren't always used to look through - you can drive through them too. Most of all, thank you Dad for being here long enough to meet my little boy & see your boy become a father like you. I Love you, Papa.
Added by Your Son, Andrew

Thank you Kelly for making my Mother happy for the years you were married, for giving us Andrew and for treating me as if I were your own. Thanks for spotting me the extra cash for a wild graduation night from High School, a fabulous trip to England and for teaching me how to drink...and not drive. Your relationship with my Mother taught me the difference between ambivalence and passion, this is a lesson I will always remember, as well as you. I love you Kelly.
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Our marriage may not have lasted a lifetime but we continued to care about each other and remained good friends. Kelly's greatest happiness came from his Love for his son Andrew. Their relationship grew over the years which gave Kelly great pleasure. His greatest passion was his love for the ocean where I hope he will
find peace.

Added by June Amaral

In the brief time that I knew Kelly, he was a man of dignity and intelligence who never complained about his health problems and tried his best to keep his sense of humor no matter how much pain he was in. He accepted life as it came to him and he blamed no one for his troubles. Captain Amaral should return to the seas which he loved dearly.
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Just a little note so we know where he is at - out there on the high seas. The ship is a part of me. I dug up a ship spike made of copper that came out of the U.S.S. Independence (1812-1915) here in Freeport, Texas, and I have it on display at the V.F.W. so we know where to find him when we meet again. This is appropriate for my Friend & Pal.
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I first remember meeting Captain Kelly and said, "now this guy has been around the world" you could see it in his eyes, the sharpness in the eyes that has seen it all. The handshake was firm, confident and sincere, as if he has met you before or was a long lost friend. Although we only met a few times and briefly, the impression stays with me and will continue to do so. You will be missed and remembered.
Added by Martin Thifault

I was Kelly's private nurse in Port Richey, Fla. Although the time I spent w/Kelly was brief, what I will remember most is the many talks we had about his life. He shared stories about his military service. His pride & joy were his boats & the time spent commanding them. I will never forget the look on his face when I brought him cupcakes on his 81st birthday. He was so surprised, & pleased - he liked his sweets! Even though I only knew Kelly for a short time, I will never forget his smile ...
Added by Elaine Netrval, CNA

I met Capt. Kelly many times over the years. His son, Andrew, and I have been friends for over 35 years. I know the two of them cared deeply for each other. If Capt. Kelly is anything like his son, then Capt. Kelly was a very honorable, caring, and trustworthy man. He also had a good sense of humor and lived his life with integrity. He can be proud that his son, Andrew, shares those same values which will certainly be passed on to his grandson, A.J.
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