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Born:September 18, 1965
Prague, Czechoslovakia
Died:June 30, 2006
Hervey Bay, Qld, Australia

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Michelle and I lived life to the fullest as identical twins. On June 30th our life as twins ended.  Michelle passed away from Mesothelioma (Asbestos Cancer) after enduring 18 months of pain and suffering.  My whole family tried everything imaginable.  My father and I travelled to Boston, USA in 2005 and 2006 to try to save her life but sadly it ended 18 days after arriving back to Australia.  Michelle was only 40 and passed away at home with her whole family by her side. When Michelle died, half of my soul went with her. Michelle and I were more than sisters, we were best friends. She was warm, compassionate, caring, friendly, funny, and always there for you. Unless you're a twin you can't imagine what it's like to lose your other half. As I look back on my childhood, I can only remember it as being two people. It was me and my twin sister Michelle. We had our own language with one another. We were always in the same classes in school, had the same friends and wore matching clothes. We always spent every moment together, we were never apart and were inseparable. Growing into adulthood we still had a very strong bond. Then we were looking forward to turning 40 together, not knowing that Michelle would only turn 40 and never become older. The final hours were the most precious yet the longest of my life. I wouldn't leave her side. I remember Michelle looking at me and saying "don’t cry, I love you" and then she said, "Andrea would you like to lie down next to me and go to sleep?".  I never heard her voice again. Knowing that I could never say I love you, never hear her voice on the telephone, never be able to get her that special something. Words cannot express how I feel. My heart is broken forever. We shared a closeness that many would not understand and others would envy. I never had to tell her if I was, lonely, angry, happy or sad. She always knew. I will cherish the moments I had with her just as I know my family will.  Michelle left behind her beautiful daughter Natalie aged 9, whom I will always treasure as my own and will try to give her a life Michelle would want.  Michelle was the best mum any child could have.  We used to say that Michelle and Natalie were like glue because they were always together and never apart.  Natalie was Michelle's life and there was so much love between them. My parents, Eva and Vladimir Bozdech, are now taking care of Natalie.  I am lucky to have such a close family bond.  My two boys, Adam 14 and Matthew 13 miss their Aunty so much.  She was a huge influence in their lives. Michelle, you went through so much pain and suffering and yet you were so brave until the end.  You are my hero.

Finally, I would like to thank John and Cindy Fencl, my family in Gardnerville, NV, USA, for their enormous help and support to Michelle, myself and my family.


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