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Born:May 23, 1979
Cheverly, Maryland
Died:November 9, 2002
Capital Heights, Maryland

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Danielle Cheryce Hurley loving mother to Tai' Vaughn Moore and born the only child to Cynthia Day on May 23, 1979.

Lovingly known to her family and friends as Danni was with us for 23 beautiful years and departed this life on November 9, 2002.

Danielle was educated in the Prince Georges County school system and then attended Applied Career Tech and worked as a Medical Assistant. She furthered her education to later obtain a nursing degree.

Danielle was known to be extra and did everything in abundance. It would later be known that the extra in her was because she only had a short time to live her life. And she lived her life to the fullest; Danielle did everything she wanted to do regardless of what others may have thought. Including bungee jumping 2 weeks before her death.

Danielle never entered ones presence and left a stranger. There was no middle of the road with Danielle and no gray area's, life was always black or white for her. She took the meaning of friendship seriously, if Danielle was your friend then you never had a better friend.

She was the hairdresser to her family and friends as she had a talent and a love for doing hair.

A Pheonix, spectacular, wondrous, and extremely inspiring, a living cycle in life and in death. spreading her firey feathers in an unfathomable display high in the sky or unexpectedly bursting and collapsing into a pile of ashes, a phoenix rises from piles of ashes as a brand new phoenix.

Danielle leaves to cherish her memory one son: Tai' Vaughn Sylvin Moore, her mother: Cynthia Day, God sister: Lisa Duvall special friends Latosha Archie,Keonia Skelton and Nisha and many relatives and close friends
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2008 Boys  Girls Club WEB Pic.jpg
Your Boy doing it BIG
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Mommy SURVIVED.jpg
Mommy's a Survivor
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Water Baby.jpg
Like you he loves the water
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Water baby like his Mamma.jpg
Like his Mamma he loves water
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Maryland Knights_04.22.07.jpg
Top row / Second from the right Boy's got Game
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Memorabilia (audio, video, files, documents, etc.)
Candlelight ceremony.pdf
One Year Anniversary Candle Light Ceremony
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Survivors Forum Flyer 2007.pdf
DV Survivors Forum - 2007
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When Tomorrow Starts without Me.pdf
When Tomorrow Starts Without You -- A Special Poem in Memory
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Bio Cynthia Day.pdf
Bio_Cynthia Day
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Personal Notes

Baby girl you will never know how much you are missed. I would give anything to pick up the phone and hear you on the other end saying "Whats the deal Pickel" :-) Your boy is growing to be a fine young man. You would be proud. Rest in Peace Baby Girl I'll meet you in Heaven when my work is done.
Added by Mommy

Hi Mommy;
I miss you, I can't remember what your laugh sounds like. But I remember you making us laugh a lot. Please keep looking out for me, I need you to still be my angel

Love Tai' Vaughn

Added by Son - Tai' Vaughn

Hey Danni,
Wow don't know where to start, so much has changed since we last talked...You are a hard person to forget, I speak of you often even to those who were not blessed with the pleasure of meeting you, It's still so hard for me Danni... I miss you so much girl, sometimes I sit and think what would the 4 of us be doing right you know how we do it...lmao, you were most certainly a bright shinning star dimmed too soon, but you will always shine in my heart,

I Luv U Lou-Lou!!

Added by Sister - Tosha

Danielle it's me Nisha (surprised) probally so. I just want to let you know that you never know how much you miss and love a person until it is too late. Believe me I know, sometimes I just sit and think back of all the fun we had together. Although people wanted us to break apart someway and somehow we managed to handle all of the drama.

Tai is getting big, He loves when he can come and spend a lil time with me. I just wish we can spend more time too. I love and miss you much.

Added by Nisha

Hey baby girl it's been 5 years and today Nov. 9 is your sunset date. 5 years ago today you left me and today, I hold only your wonderful memories because you are no longer here to laugh and enjoy life with me. I truely miss you more than words could ever express. Even after 5 years this emptiness I feel has not gotten any easier.

Added by Love Mommy

Hey Mommy;
It's November 9th today Wow it's been a long time and I miss you.
I'm playing football, my team goes to the Championship this week-end and I will be wearing a shirt with your picture on it under my jersey so bring my team lots of luck!

Added by Tai Tai

Hey Danni;
Happy Easter 2008
I planted your Easter Lilly at your site on Saturday, March 22 and that's Aunt Zondra's Birthday. The Lilly is beautiful and gives me a sense of peace.

Tai and I have a saying of love and I'll end this note with that.

Me: I love you til the sky passes heaven
Tai: I love you finity(Infinity)

And finity is how much we love and miss you.
Love you

Added by Mommy

May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day Danni
I love you and Miss you!

Added by Your Mommy
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