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Born:September 26, 1981
Died:June 30, 2007

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This Webpage is dedicated to the Memory of Jason Neely.  Jason Lost his life due to a car accident. He died on June 30th 2007 at the at age of 25. Jason was supposed to be a father as of July 20th 2007 to Caleb Michael Jadon Neely.  But instead of my just telling his story I want everyone to add their story of Jason. This page is for ALL his friends and family to add stuff to.


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Personal Notes

Jason you were the best friend that I've ever had.. Dealing with you death has been the hardest thing that I have ever had to do. I remember when we were kids and we said that we would be best friends forever. That was true. Forever just came to soon. I love you Jason!
Added by Nikki

jason we all shared so many inside jokes and good times. just know what we all love and miss you. watch over nikki, tara & baby caleb they need you now more than ever. save us all a place in heaven beside you. we love you.
Added by miranda starr.

I miss you. There has been so much happeneing to me here lately that reminds me of you. Usually that would make me sad, but it has made me smile. It hurts horribley that you left us all so soon, but I know you are in good hands and we'll meet again. I love you. Keep smiling!

Added by §Dana§

Hey my Cuz! Just wanna say that we'll never forget all the good times, and I'll personally never forget the times I made YOU laugh! I guess I'm an idiot at times, huh? You'll always be in my heart 4 ever, and I just wanna add that I Love you, and I miss you. See ya on the other side!

Added by Traci
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