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Born:May 2, 1950
Birmingham, AL
Died:March 10, 1996
Huntsville, AL

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Your life on earth was short lived.  Your death was such a tragedy and I still grieve for you, but I know you are with me always.  I feel you when I'm lonely.  I feel you when I'm sad.  I find myself wanting to call you on the phone, just to say hello, yet your voice will not be heard by my ears, for you have moved to a new place.  I wish I could have told you how much I loved you.  I would have helped you if I could have.  You were one of my "super Hero's" when I was a child, and then I grew up and realized that heros don't really exist.  I wish I would have forgiven you for the pain you caused my heart as a child, while you were still alive, but I forgive you now and I know you'll greet me the day my soul enters into Heaven. I hope your life in Heaven is Wonderful.  May you walk with God in his Kingdom forever, and live peacefully and fully in your New Castle God has resevered for you. You are greatly missed and loved.
Your daughter, In Christ,

Kelly Penney Hill
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Personal Notes

I didn't know how much I wanted you,
I didn't know how much I could care.
I didn't know how much I could miss you,
Until you were no longer there.

I didn't know my arms could ache,
I didn't know my soul could tear.
I didn't know my heart could break,
Until you were no longer there.

Added by Your daughter, Kelly Hill
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