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Born:January 6, 1993
iowa city

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This little Angel kelsey briggs was born in oklohoma on December 28th 2002 and died October 11th 2005 , due to 10 months of child abuse , little 2 in a half year old kelsey was inncont she didn't deserve this no chil should have to go threw this . She died in the hands of her step-father micheal potter.Whom kicked her real hard in the stomach ,just 2 hours before kelesy's death a social worker from the child protective services checked on kelsey and said everything looked ok , but saw a little cut on her finger....2 hours later kelse was dead,At the time kelsey's mother went to pick up kelse's step sister at school and when she returned the ambulance had already arrived 30 minutes later kelsey was prounced dead...kelse's step father was put in prison for 30 years, and her mother for 25 for enabling child abuse... you will never be forgotten kelsey your i my heart and other people' heart's to littel one.
kelsey at 2 years old.jpg

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Kelsey was a pretty little girl,always a joy to be around,but that all went away on october11th 2005 from abuse kelsey lost her life and wont be forgotten
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