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Born:December 5, 1990
Died:September 7, 2006
sherwood park/Fort saskachewan

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Melissa was born in Edmonton December 5, 1990; the youngest  Landon and Moneca, .  she was an angel from the very first moment.
Melissa had played soccer from the time she was six years old, moving through House League to tier 2 in grade 10. During her grade 10 school year Melissa began playing Rugby, and since there was no team at Vimy, she and one of her friends joined and played for the W.P. Wagner Warriors Rugby team. She had definitely found her sport in Rugby. Her love for, commitment to and ability in the game was apparent from the very first day.
Winters would find Melissa on the hill snowboarding. Snowboarding was probably her favorite sport of all she played, and like anything she tried, she excelled. She made the switch from skiing to boarding when she was about 8 years old at the encouragement of her parents who could no longer keep up to Melissa on the ski hill. We mistakenly thought it might slow her down a little, we were wrong. Her first year on a snowboard earned her the nickname ‘little pro girl’ from the lift operators at Sunridge Ski Hill, where she spent as much time as possible. Our winter family vacations always took us into the mountains to ski and snowboard, our last one to Melissa’s favorite - Lake Louise, where we spent 5 days.
Over summer break 2006 Melissa decided to learn to play golf which led to Melissa and her Mom taking lessons together. We had a terrific time together as we always did. We got to the golf course only once, just a few weeks before she was killed, but she put us all to shame hitting a 230 yard drive for a par on her last hole.
Melissa’s love of sports was matched by her love of animals and her love for her family. As a little girl I always said the only thing she wanted more than a dog was a horse, and the only thing she wanted more than a horse was a dog. She never had the chance to own a horse, although we would go horseback riding as often as possible. Melissa dreamed of one day living in the country and having horses of her own; I always told her to hang onto her dreams, one day they would come true. She did get her dog though, a small mixed breed bundle of blonde hair named Beckie. I think she was the happiest little girl on the planet the day that dream came true. Melissa adopted her from NASAP, with money she had raised herself, and they were constant companions from that day hence. Melissa taught her many many amazing tricks that she loved to show off to everyone who came to our home.
As a person, a daughter, a sister and a friend Melissa was outstanding. Her beautiful presence, her amazing smile, her infectious laugh, and her loving personality, her instinctive wisdom made her absolutely irresistible. There has never been a person who loved or deserved life more. She had so much to live for, so many people who loved her, so much talent and potential. So much she should be here to enjoy and experience.
. Melissa was my life, and words cannot express the agony of losing her. Melissa and I spent so much time together; a lot of it driving to and from different sporting events. In that time, we talked and sang and worked through every little thing that life brings. I have never felt closer to any other human being than I was to Melissa. We had a special bond that existed from the very first moment. I want her back.


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