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Died:November 9, 2002
Shrewsbury, Ma

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Wow....what can you say about such an amazing individual. Volke was such an amazing friend, anyone who had the chance to know him will be forever graced with his personality and glowing smile.
Always there to lend a hand, Andrew was so talented. There was always something about him that made me wonder..."how is good at so many things..?" from when he pulled up in front of my house in a car that he and his father had worked on (AMAZING!) to the first time i heard him play the guitar (STILL gives me chills)...volke never onced ceased to put a smile on anyones face.

He was my brother Brians best friend and his passing is still very hard on him...well, its hard on all of us...but Andrew and Brian shared such a special wonderful friendship that most people can only hope to encouter.

The Volke home was always warm and welcome. Erik being such an amazing friend as well and such a true gentleman (also an auto genuis). The three boys (Erik, ANdrew, and Dana all looked similair in many ways, each one of their personalities just as beautiful as the next) Mr. & Mrs Volke were always such amazing, supportive parents and you had to know that such a wonderful child had to come from such wonderful parents!

Too many things to say baout ANdrew. Brian and I visit him at the Cemetary often, and think of him everyday whne we hear certain songs, and when little things just come and go that remind us of him.....always.

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Volke, i hope the more i get to work on this it will be as wonderful as it needs to be to represent such a great friend! WE LOVE YOU!
Added by Diana

Dear Diana and Brian,
You continue to amaze us with your efforts to remember Andrew with such love and affection. No one else has expressed their feelings for Andrew as often, as kindly and tenderly as you both have.
It warms our hearts, broken as they are, to know that you and your entire family loved and cared for Andrew so much.
Your gift of remembering Andrew is the greatest gift you can give us, and means more than any material thing.
God Bless you, Merry Xmas,
The Volkes

Added by Andrew's Mom and Dad
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