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Born:March 24, 1984
Died:January 24, 2007

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Morgon N.Sandelin was not only my lover and fiancee he was my best friend and soul mate.He was a wonderful person with a warm loving  heart and soul.He has a beautiful 2 year old son Malachi that  sadly enough did not get to  see his father enough ... He was a very strong willed,intelligent,caring,hardworking person that would help anyone out.He was very  much of a risk taker and loved trying new things. He stood up for what he beleived in and was never afreaid to  speak his mind.He was a cherished son,brother,father,and friend to  all  that met him.He had very strong morals and had intergity  he truly was a man that tried to save the world .

until we see eachother again When I think I'm OK, I'm past losing you, There's another moment, I can't believe it's true. And I'm so afraid, To say it's OK, Because when I do, My hope slips away. There are still times, I completely fall apart, Inside I bleed through, The cracks in my heart. Tears still fall, Soak into my face, I can feel myself, Falling out of place. And I'm screaming that I, Just want to feel all right, I lie my head down to sleep, Wishing I had you to hold me tight. You to hold me close, And kiss my pain away, I'm whispering the words, I never got to say. Reaching out for you, To find you're not there, Reality sinks in, And it's so unfair. I once had you, And now you're gone, It wasn't our fate, It's just so wrong. I need to feel you, Need you beside me, I missed you baby, Even before you were set free. And all of my wishing, Can't ever come true, Because you've fallen from me, And I need you.
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