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Born:June 10, 1933
Bethesda , Ohio
Died:October 10, 2003
Canton, Ohio

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Elinor was a great person...she did alot of kind things for all kinds of people..when her daughter was sick she did everything in her power to take care of her no matter how tired or sick she was...she loved to tv...and crochet...she was a caring, loving person...but she was also a doctor, lawyer , name it and she thought that she knew it....she was a very funny person...when you would ask her how she felt she would say "with my hands"....she was somewhat of a smart ellic if you hadnt noticed that already...she loved her grandchildren and her great grandchildren even if they didnt think so at times....she lost her daughter on june 1st of 2000 and then her son febuary 8th she had had some ruff times...but through it all she always tryed to keep her head up and she never turned anyone away....she was an avid jerry springer wather....dont ask me why....but she wachted him everyday....(LOL)....She will be very much missed all around...I dont know what we will all do without her.....

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My Grandma was a Great lady I miss her so much everyday. She was always doing things for everyone it didnt matter to her what it took to help she did it. I have one regret I wasnt there the night that she died and it kills me everyday,
I wake up every morning feeling like there is something missing. If I could turn back time I would just so I could be there to see her again and tell her what she meant to me...I LOVE U GRANDMA..I hope you have big wings you deserve them

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