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Born:November 15, 1935
Chicago, Illinois
Died:August 26, 2006
Scottsdale, Arizona

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Loving Father of Jennifer, Julie, Jeff and Jessica and Step-Father to Yvette, Robert and Deanna.
Grandchildren: Nathan, Holly, Michael, Breanne, Reid, Krystin, Zackary, Kyle and Samantha. Step-Grandchildren: Brandon, Risa, Colby, Derek and Skylar.
Great-Grandchildren: Ivy, Ashley, Danielle and Jalen.
Absolutely fantastic husband to Jacquelyn (Jackie).
He was first and foremost a fantastic person. He retired from Qwest Comm. in 1998 and loved retirement but his favorite job was being a policeman but because of his health was he not able to continue with what should have been his life-long career. He was kind and gentle and loving and is greatly missed by all who knew him.
Me and at first sight
Added by Jennifer

Santa Ed
Added by Jennifer

Dad was a front page hero!
Added by Jennifer


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Added by brea

We miss you Grandpa Ed!!!
Added by Brea
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Personal Notes

Dearest, Always remember that I love you and know you are with me. I'll be with you again, I promise. All the kids are great and I'm the luckiest person in the world.
Added by Jackie

I love you Dad and I will always miss you and your great sense of humor :D
Added by Jennifer

Hi Darling, Alec kept this Memorial going for another year and I am so grateful to him. We all love you and miss you but feel very fortunate that we had you in our lives. You will always be in my heart, I love you.
Added by Jackie

Miss you tons Boompa!
I think about you every day :)
Love you!!

Added by Brea

miss you
wish we had more time

Added by Eric

I hear your voice.
I see you face.

Memories remain.

I miss your laugh.
I miss your smile.

Nothing is the same.

You will never be forgotten.
Not even for a day.

In my heart, you will forever remain.

Added by Holly

Hi Dad,
There are so many times that I need your advice, miss your jokes or just want to share something with you. I have kept your urn on my computer desk so that you are always with me. We recently moved into a huge house with Holly and the kids, so I put you in my purse, brought you over and put you on a shelf that overlooks the family room so that you can see what's going on :D

Love ya Dad

Added by Jennifer

I always feel like you are with me. I will always love you and miss you. You are still a part of our daily lives as we quote you or share stories about you ALL of the time. I can still hear your voice and your laugh. Those things will never go away.
Added by Jennifer
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