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Born:May 16, 1981
Birmingham, AL
Died:November 24, 2007
Dolomite, AL (Birmingham)

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The Inner Circle
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Memorabilia (audio, video, files, documents, etc.)
To My Dearest Family.doc
Love Duckworth
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Personal Notes

Trisha we have been friends for so long and i just cant understand why a person would do you like that but i just want u to know i miss u and i hate we had to say our last good-byes like we did. I LOVE YOU (TOYA)
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Tricie,you have been my best friend since the fourth grade and you never treated me different.I'm a always love you,that was something I never got a chance to tell you,so Ilm telling you now,you my girl and I love you!I didn't loose my friend,I lost my sister...I miss you,but we talk everyday,Isee you everyday and I'll never forget you! YOUR LITTLEST FRIEND KIA!
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To my DOG, I miss you so much and I am so angry cause so much has happen and I cant talk to you. I don't know what to do. Please come to me cause I need you so bad, I cant do this by myself. I love and miss you. Your dog and buddy Candace.
Added by Candace Johnson

THis is the original "Click"!Trisha,Candace,KIa,Toya and Fatts...I love Yall! Party like a rock star baybay!LOL
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this is the wrong site to visit Tricey, go to

Jay and Christy Pruitt

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