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Born:March 8, 1931
Died:January 18, 2003
Richmond, Indiana

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So many memories, so many wonderful things she was. A loving mother, grandmother, aunt. I'd say...I believe she's now what she was in life, an angel. She was my best friend, greatest confidant...someone who held her family together, loved unconditionally, truly. I think of her everyday and will always miss her. She instilled in me a sense of family, tradition. She knew me like no one else has and loved me anyway. She trusted me with things at the end...she must've really believed I was strong. I think she knew it killed me inside to hear those things, but I'm honored to be the one she came to with it. She said I was so strong, so efficient for 2 days as her death approached. She saw in me what I guess I had never seen. So strong, such a fighter. But now she can rest in peace. God has her back now and I'm sure she's watching over each of us, loving and guiding us just as she did in life. God bless that angel that was my Granny. Thank you for the memories, the happiness. Most of all, thank you for the love. I've learned love doesn't die. It remains fully. Thank you, God, for letting us have her with us as long as we did, and for letting her still be with us now. Keep her close to you as we have kept her close to us in our thoughts and prayers. I'll always miss you, but I know you're in a better place. That's the only true consolation there is. I love you, Granny, with all my heart and I always will.

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