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Born:October 23, 1985
Lakewood, California
Died:March 21, 2008
Fontana, California

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Bubba was one of the good guys.He always had a cause that he was fighting for,because He thought he could change the world,one person at a time. He was always smiling,and always ready to help anyone.We will miss him alot.I just hope he is finally happy. I hope that he has found his inner peace..and that he isnt suffering anymore. We love you, Bubba
Personal Notes

Bubba, I know you didnt want to do this. I also know you didnt want to hurt anymore, either. What you dont know, is how many people are hurting for you. We will forever miss your smile. I love you
Added by Mom

Bubba, I hope your happy and not hurting anymore. Im hurting though now. Im not upset with you...just wish you could have gotten help. Soo many memories and all good ones. Love you forever and always thinking about you. Miss ya cinnamon bear aka burrito bubba!
Added by Lindsey(CUZZO)

Hey Bubba.... It's so hard to believe you're'll always been in my heart FOR ALWAYS! I have such great memories of all of us together having fun and being silly. My mom loves you too...she'll always remember your smile. Thank you for being a wonderful person a handsome man and a true friend...i can't wait to see you...we'll all be "Knockin' On Heavens Door" to see your face! much love to you and your family!!!!!♥♥
Added by Erin Knieriem...RIP Sweet Bubba

My Bubba, We miss you so much and wish you were still here. All of us feel the loss but know that you are up in heaven now with Jesus and he's taking care of you. I feel so blessed to have been your Auntie and being there the day Jesus brought you down from heaven on Oct. 23, We will love you and remember always, until we meet again in heaven.
Added by Auntie Frida and Nick

Bubba i still can't believe your gon. I know your up there shinnin down on all of us! I will never forget you you had a personality that would light up a room and were a very good person. Life without you here in sac will be alot different but i know your in a better place you had a heart to kind for this world.
Love always katie

Added by Anonymous

hey bubba this is uncle bob you know anyways i wish i could say this to you in person but i love you no matter what things get tough and we do things we regret and sometimes its to late. but it is never to late to say i love you .im not mad just a little sad i wish i could have more time with you to watch you grow in to the man that you were turing into just thanks for being bubba forever be missed and loved by many stop by and see me sometime cause ill be waiting love you uncle bob
Added by Uncle Bob

We miss you so much.We have always thought of you as family and Melissa always referred to you as her little bro. I've known you all your life and you will be missed and thought of for the rest of mine.I know that you are in heaven now and at peace and for that I'm glad.You always had nice things to say to and about everyone who knew you. We will all miss you terribly.I know that wherever you are you and Chocolate Sylvester are taking care of one another.

Added by Beth

I still cant belive your gone. I want to be mad at you and yell at you, but I also wouldnt want you to still be suffering. You have been around me my entire life, and I miss you so much. Its taken me almost a year to bring myself to leave you a note, and im still not ok doing this, im sitting her crying....I dont know what to say or do, Ive lost you and my mom both in years time! I look at the note she left you and it makes me feel a little better. Cant even brin myself to delter your email address, or messenger ID out of the computer, stupid huh! Im not ready to say goodbye, and doubt ill ever be ready to say it. I think about things from when we were kids, and it makes me laugh when I think of some of the dumb stuff we did. Our son Tyler likes to eat butter! Whos that remind you of? Remember how youd just eat spoons full of butter, yuck! lol. Anyway just know that I love you and miss you dearly. Take care of my mommy for me.
I love and miss you Bubba and Ill see you again.

Added by Melissa and Family
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