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Born:November 26, 1998
Cleveland, OH
Died:May 10, 2003
Cleveland, OH

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Nelson came to us four years ago and quickly found a place in our hearts. My dad, normally not liking cats was quickly attracted to him. They came upon him one day at the pet store while buying dog food. 'Nelson' was extremely friendly unlike the other cats and possessed a warm feeling about him. My parents later saw, when he stood up, that he had only three paws and a stump where his front left paw should've been. They found out he had been in a fire and also had a scarred left eye. Being the animal lovers they are, they adopted him. Nelson fit in quickly and offered us a lot. He would purr for anything and took all the loving offered. He was a very loving cat. Then about three years later, a pet lover's worst fears came true. Our baby Melf, had feline leukemia and a cancerous tumor growing in his neck area.He hadn't been eating, wheezed, and would lie in a corner. The vet suggested chemotherapy with much hope and we agreed only if he wouldn't bein extreme pain. We went throught with it and a couple weeks later, the tumor decreased in size and a month later it disappeared altogether. We were ecstatic, but we had to give him chemo pills to keep the tumor gone. We did for awhile until it became a huge ordeal to give them to him. We figured, why make him suffer more? So, we stopped altogether. He was fine for about a year and then he got sick again except worse. He wouldn't eat at all, wheezed, and finally slept in his litter box. We knew it definitely was the end. It had all been a matter of time. We took him to the vet to decide what to do. She said the cancer had spread to his liver, stomach, lungs and had pushed his heart out of the way. She gave him medicine to boost him for the night, just enough to let us say good bye. Then we took him back to the vet the next morning and he died. That was one of the hardest things to have to deal with. Melf, was an angel and companion. He was one of the closest pets I've had.
XXXXXXX We love you Melf the elf! OOOOOOOOO
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