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Born:August 27, 1947
Tuttlingen, Germany
Died:April 23, 2007
St John of God Hospital, Murdoch, Western Australia

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Ingeborg - our Mum - was an extraordinary woman. She was born in 1947. She grew up without a father. This had a huge impact on her. It forged her spirit. She was very self-sufficient and confident in her self. She could - and would hold her own with anybody. She had a fantastic sense of style - loved her shoes and clothes. She loved dressing with a bit of spice - especially splits and funky shoes. She was my hero really. When I was scared and stuck in America it was my Mum who moved heaven and earth to get me home - there were no seats available on the flight - God knows what she told the Airline - but I got home 2 days later. She did all this from the other end of a telephone during the Christmas Break. She was just a marvel. 
She enjoyed "playing" bitch. But she was far from it.
She married Manfred in 1965. They had three children. Carmen, Andrea, Chris. All of us have children which are Connie, Stacey, Tiarna, Jordan, Toby, Matthaus, Karen, Shania, Zac, Corey and "Baby". Her brother Alex grew up in our house and was always more of brother than uncle to us. Mum loved babies. She adored her grandchildren. She was always a hands on Nanna. The older kids got to experience that side of her. By the time the younger grandchildren were born she was very sick. It saddened her that she could not play with them in the same way. The kids asked me if Nanna was still sick in heaven - I certainly hope not. She suffered much - pretended to be better than she was for our sake - fought pain and discomfort to stay with us as long a she could - in the end her heart gave up. She was a marvellous business woman. She had the knack for it. She worked hard, the first business was AMIX Instruments -it became a great success - In 1982 our parents migrated from Germany to Perth. Soon after they started another business - no mean feat in a foreign country and language - that was KAISER'S Surgical Instruments - that too grew into a success - all of the kids worked in it - in the late 90's the business was sold - and Ingeborg became the Sales Rep. for the company she sold until she got sick. She discovered she had cancer when I was pregnant with my first child. I remember being called into the hospital at Murdoch with my Sister,Brother and Father to hear the results. That she had cancer was a great shock to me - I always thought my mum was bulletproof. To show a little about her character I should say this - when my Mum told me that she had terminal cancer - she APOLOGIZED to me for upsetting me while I was pregnant. That is how she was - always worried about others. She never lost her sense of humour. She cried seldom and laughed as much a she could before she could laugh no more. She didn't waste her time fretting about what could be. She was busy creating what was. When she found out she had terminal cancer she set her mind to leaving a legacy. She created another business which was called WA SURGICAL. She wanted to leave a secure future for all of us and Dad. After she died we renamed the company INKA Surgical in her honour. Our honour was being lucky enough to be her family. Not a day goes by when we do not miss her. We all adored her. Hated that she got sick - there are some many great stories I could tell -important info I have left out - I would need volumes.
She died 23.04.2007. A year has passed - Ingeborg -
Wife, Mother, Sister, Friend and & Superwoman - "Nanna in the Sky"- Wherever you are we miss you.

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