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Born:December 24, 1964
Lincoln, Illinois
Died:September 18, 2003
Bloomington, Illinois

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Jeana was a very caring and devoted daughter, sister, and mother. She left behind four children, ages 2, 6, 15, and 19, who all miss her deeply. She had a wonderful sense of humor, with a very outgoing personality. She loved spending time with family, and usually had every child in her neighborhood at her house playing in the summer. She would even load up as many as she could in her car and take them to the public swimming pool on the real hot days. She was the type of person that didnt have that much but would share what she did have. She loved to shop! Wal-Mart excursions lasting up to three hours. Jeana had a very saddened last two years with the passing of her companion of 15 yrs. and the father of three of her children. She went in spurts of depression but did the best she could being a single parent. Then it really got the best of her when we all got the news that our father's illness had really progressed rapidly, and only given about a week. He was her rock, and now he would be taken from us. I not only lost a sister, but a best friend too. Your memory will live on forever in my heart.

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