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Born:Sydney Australia
Died:July 30, 2008
Gosford Australia

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My dear Mother was a very lovely lady. She was born the 2nd eldest of four girls born to her parents John and Alice Hampson. She met and later married my dad Jack Barber in June 1942. I was born in April 1943.
Sadly I was to be their only living child.
Another little girl who would have been named Terri-Ann was stillborn some 12 years later. There were no more more children after that.
My mother became a widow after 33 years of marriage. I was by then married with children and we built a small flat at the back of out home for mum, she lived with us for the rest of her life.
As an only child my Mum was also my sister and best friend all rolled into one. As she aged and became fragile I cared for her until she needed 24 hour care and it became impossible for me to manage her care. I was able to get my Mum a room in a lovely Aged Care facility just a stones throw from our home. She had a lovely room and little sun balcony etc. I visited her every evening and sat with her while she had her evening meal and then dressed her for bed before coming home. On the 24th July Mum awoke not feeling very well, by the 25th we had her in a general hospital . She had a small skin cut on her leg that had become septic, within a day the infection had taken hold of her body and she was very ill. She was only days away from becoming a Great Grandmother for the 4th time and she fought hard to live to see the baby. Her 1st Great Grandson was born just 30 hours before she passed away in the same hospital the new baby was born in. We did get the baby to her bedside and we have a very precious photo of her meeting her Great Grand Son "Jack" who was named after her late husband. I spent every day and night beside my Mum in the hospital helping to care for her, telling her how much I loved her and also telling her that it was Ok to leave me because I had been told that she had no chance of surviving and that I should give her permission to go. I know she fought on to stay with me and to get to see the baby but I had to hand her over to God's Angels at 11-40 PM on the 30th July 2008.
She passed quietly into God's care as I held her and stroked her forehead and told her over and over that I loved her but that she should keep walking toward the "LIGHT" where Jesus would be waiting for her along with my dad and her parents and sisters and her little girl Terri-Ann who had been stillborn 53 years ago. I loved my Mum so much and I feel a huge piece of my heart went with her that night.
She was a lovely Mum, Sister, Daughter, Wife, Aunt, Friend, Grandmother and Great Grandmother to all who knew her.
We love you Mum, I will never get over not having a Mum after such a close and loving relationship as we had but I know I have to let you go to the family who were all waiting for you in heaven. It is their turn to have you now.
I miss you so much 'Mumsy"....................
I too hope to join you when my turn comes, we will have a happy reunion in heaven some day and I will finally be able to meet my darling sister for the first time.
My loss is their gain Mum.
Love and God bless you Mum.
By the way Mum, I refuse to say I've lost my Mum, because. " no one is ever lost when you know where they are."
All My love until we meet again.
Your daughter Judith and the family you loved so much.
PS: ( I hope you told Dad about the baby boy that will carry his name). Little "Jack" is lovely and he is so far a healthy beautiful baby.
Please watch over us all Mum and be our special Guardian Angel.. xxxxx

Mum meets her Great Grandson "Jack"
Added by Judith
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