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Born:September 8, 1973
Vancouver, B.C.
Died:October 9, 2002
Surrey, B.C.

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Shawn was a cute blonde baby, and a pretty good little brother growing up, except not sharing his Atari with me, and freezing my fish alive, since he was mad at me!!! He got into skateboarding as a teen, and had some pretty wild hairdo's, and hair color! He was always cheap with his money, and was always a great saver! After he moved out, he had some wild party friends, and lived life to the fullest! He had jobs with Save-on-foods, Coke, and some delivery jobs. He was never fully happy with his jobs, and was always looking to make more money! Shawn got into a really bad car accident on Nov.21/2000, and suffererd a brain injury. The accident left him depressed, anxious, and very emotional. He also suffered memory problems,insomnia, headaches, and a lack of overall energy. He slowly lost his love of life, and on Oct.9/2002, my parents found him dead in his bedroom. The autopsy came back overdose of anti-depressants. Our family has never been the same since that morning, we miss him every minute of everyday!!! We know though he is in Heaven at total peace, and will never have to experience one ounce of pain again! We love you SHAWN,and we know we will see you when we cross over one day! You will never ever be forgotten, and we will always keep your memory alive down here on Earth! Love you Forever, Your Sister Sandra, and all of your Family  xoxoxoxoxox

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I still ring the bells from the funeral home when I want to say hi to my Uncle Shawn! I love you Uncle Shawn, I will visit you soon!
Added by Jayden xoxoxoxo
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