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Born:July 18, 2001
Athens, GA
Died:October 26, 2001
Athens, GA

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My son, Hunter Alexander English was born July 18th
2001. He was Seven Pounds-Fifteen ounces. I would
hear my other friends who had had children and they
would talk about how they did not think they could
love someone so much, and how willing they would be to
give up their lives for that person, their child. I
did not think that was possible until my son was born
or actually before he was born when I felt him move
inside my belly. I knew then that my life was him.
He was a beautiful handsome baby boy, born with a head
full of beautifully wavy dark brown hair, chocolate
brown eyes, and creamy tan skin. I remember how his
eyes would twinkle when it was playtime. He was
progressing I thought rather well for being 3 months.
Almost ready to start on cereal, growing
wonderfully, and seemingly already starting to babble
a bit. And then he was gone. As swiftly as this
angel came into my life he was gone. All because of a
treacherous act, by a person who he would know as
"daddy". Hunter Alexander English died, October 26th
2001, from massive brain injury.

My son may now miss all the wonderful milestones that
I had dreamed of him doing, but I will keep his memory
alive. I will fight with all the breath in my body to
make laws stronger against child killers and domestic
abuse offenders. I plan to start a support groups for
people who live in the south who have had relative
brutally taken from them by murder, as grief support
groups are next to nill here in the south. I want to
extend back the hand that was extended to me by so
many, and give that love back.

To my son Hunter, I love you more than my pitiful
words can express and I always will. I can't wait
till I see you again my angel-boy.

Mama, Great-Grandpa, Sam, and family

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