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Born:January 14, 1995

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She has been in Saker Baptist college since september 2004 and presently died as a student of form five A
While alive she was an intercessor, counsellor. This means that she could counsel both the young and the old and serve as a source of encouragement to her classmates and teachers
Loved by classmates in Saker Baptist college, because was soft spoken and always comforted those that are sad or depressed
She was always full of life
She was always smilling, making people happy and full of fun
Even on her death bed she asked the aunt to read psalm 41 which upon completion she said Amen
She was hard working in school to have attended the level of form five at this age
she died shortly after celebrating her birth day with friends
She was loved by all her teachers, parents and grandparents
She had a lot of hope for the future and kept on encouragin the parents to be positive in thinking
She was kind and friendly
There is one phrase that she kept using in the dormitory, that is, Pa'a in the lord.
she dreamed of becoming a journalist and was also called obama's assistant.

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