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Born:October 8, 1958
Rhando Beach,California
Died:April 30, 2003
Springfield, Missouri

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Our mom is missed every day that we wake. She was taken from us too soon she was 44 when she passed leaving us Megan(20)and Caitlin(15)to stay here. She had severe heart problems that required her to have a 5-way bypass at 41! All she wanted was to see Caity graduate and to see me (Megan) get married and to have a baby. Well I'm glad to say that one of those is coming true, we are getting married on you and dad's anniversary Feb. 17 2004. Caity and I miss you so so much that is unbearable sometimes. We know that you missed grandma and grandpa so much. The only thing that got us through was that we know that you are with grandpa and grandma and Honey.We both know that you aren't in any pain anymore and that you are still with us. I was always told that time would make it better. All I know that time doesn't amke it better it makes it more real.After she passed I got a card from her best friend and it said that no matter how she was felling or what kind of a mood she was in one thing wa clear, her life was her girls. That was true. Anything we needed she would do. She was a single mom for most of the time, but no matter what our dad did she made us think that he was great. She didn't want her girls hurt. I keep thinking that if I would have stayed that ngiht maybe things would be differnt. We will never know.I know that you watch us and help us everyday. It is still hard to get up everyday. I dream of you all the time. It makes me feel close to you, whn I wake in the morning for a split second I get to think that you still here with me. Caity has wrote wonderful sad poems about you. That what makes her feel colse to you. mom no matter wha I do or what Caity does do we will always live our lives to remember you for all the good that you. No matter what happened I know that you loved no matter how things were in life good or bad I know that you loved both of us and your friend was right everyone knew that you did anythign and everything for your babies. Before you passed you lived for us, now we live for you and we always will mom!
I love you and miss you with every breath
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