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Born:June 1, 1990
Las Vegas, Nevada
Died:May 19, 2003
Aurora, Illinois

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Oscar Hendershott was my best friend, my angel and my little boy. I had always wanted a dachshund. My ex-husband and I dreamed of getting one once we were married. The weekend after we came home from our honeymoon, we decided to look for ads in the paper, and that is where we found our dream. He was "free to a good home" and he had the best.

Oscar was there for me during the hardest times in my life.
He always cuddled up with me at night, sleeping in my arms or snuggled up against my back.

He loved other dogs and cats too. He was a loud barker, but wagged his tail as if he was just barking a friendly hello.

During the lonely years after my divorce he was the glue that held me together. He always knew when his mommy was sad and would come up and give me kisses and snuggles.

I am so happy that for 5 years we lived in a house with a big fenced in back yard. He and his sister Cricket had many hours of fun frolicking back there.

He was in several "pet" dog shows and one many ribbons.
He was very good and sitting up and begging and sometimes rolling over. He dressed up for Halloween many times. One time he as a hot dog, another time a Tootsie Roll and also Batman.

His favorite costume was that of a skeleton, it was a very simple cloth covering with bones on it, he did not mind wearing it at all.

The most favorite people in his lifetime were his daddy Eric, his uncle Jason, Scotty, Aunt Suzy, Aunt Angie and Uncle Jeff, Uncle Patrick and Auntie Pam.

His favorite furry friends were Cricket...his sister, Pippin...his brother, Scrappy...his half-brother and his
Uncle Dougie.
Oscar and Cricket Hween.JPG
Oscar and Cricket Halloween 1997
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Oscar art
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Oscar and Pippin
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Oscar and his mommy
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