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Born:Monticello, Florida
Died:May 22, 2003
Decatur, Georgia

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Daisy was the best dog.  I was lucky enough to get to raise her because she was too "gun shy" to be a hunting dog.  Smart dog.  Daisy was a Canine Good Citizen who, in her youth, loved bodysurfing in Florida oceans, swimming in rivers and lakes, romping in the woods, and taking dips in prohibited swimming pools (Sorry, Aunt Betty).  She used to love to chase squirrels, birds at the beach, and cats (I recall the one time a cat failed to run; Daisy didn't know what to do!).  To tire her out we used drive the car with Daisy running in front until she pooped out.  She was the sweetest dog.  She was rarely protective (in fact, she was in our car when someone stole all of our belongings from it--she was unable to give us a description of the perpetrator) but she once "treed" our favorite mail carrier, James Brown, on top of his mail truck.  She experienced no jealousy when we brought home baby Moey.  Up until her last days she tolerated Moey, now almost 4, playing doctor with her (taking her blood pressure and temperature, putting on band-aids, giving her hundreds of pretend injections, and rewarding her with stickers on her back where she couldn't remove them).  Daisy followed our family to eight different homes, without any adjustment issues.  Whenever we'd pack up to move, she'd just park herself in front of the moving truck so we wouldn't forget her.  Of course we could never have forgotten her and never will.  We loved her so much.  Mindy, Carl, and Moey
"my big orange dog" in orange
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Daisy was so well-mannered and loved people. For her entire life she would wait for us outside of restaurants and shops (unleashed). Even as we moved from one room in the house to another, she followed us (with the clicks of her toenails). She would even wait for me outside of the bath/shower. She was always beside us.
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Daisy was so special, people made many sacrifices for her. Lars once traveled from Florida to Texas to assist Daisy getting in and out of the car after she injured herself chasing jackrabbits (she wasn't light!). Carl adopted her in a formal ceremony and was her Dad until the end. Daisy accepted him and loved him with all her heart for their seven years together.
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Wow, this memorial page is proving to be quite theraputic for me. It's funny how my fondest memories really are of Daisy when she was younger. She really had gone downhill before we put her down. Daisy trivia: Daisy was half black lab and half golden retriever (golden lab). Daisy's original owner: Bruce Hamilton who admits he got her to "lure" me into a relationship! Thanks, Bruce!
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Daisy was the sweetest dog I've ever known. Among my favorite memories is throwing the ball for her in the mini-forest behind 227 W. 1st ave in Tally. I also always loved her howling when sirens went by.

I will always remember and miss Daisy.

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I'm very sad to hear of daisy's passing away. She was the best behaved dog in the world, which was a gem for the worst behaved girl in the world. i still remember the walks in the woods and the annoying trick mindy trained her to do to signal our arrival at terraya or leon sinks. daisy you loved us all unconditionally; we'll always miss you.
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Mindy and Daisy were the coolest. They moved in next door one summer and I used to love watching them walk down the street together. Daisy always had her tail wagging and Mindy seemed to be the happiest dog mom. I was so excited when I started dating Mindy and got to go walking with the two of them. I fell in love with Mindy during those initial walks - our talks never ended. Daisy became my inseparable ally. She was the best dog ever. Good Dog Daisy.
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Oh sweet Daisy! How I adored you. My fondest memories of Daisy include the way she would get so excited when people came over to the house. She'd wag her butt, and her tail, and her head and do a little Daisy dance. I liked that whenever I was going anywhere with Mindy, Daisy got to come along -- and she always seemed so happy about it. I liked the way she would plop down on the floor and hung out with us. She was a good dog -- joyous, loving, and accepting.
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