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Born:May 30, 1993
Habersham, Georgia
Died:August 20, 2009
Gwinnett Medical Center

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Lori Kelley was a beautiful soul.  She was a child of God and a young girl who loved her family.  She always put others before herself and was never selfish.  Her parents are Teresa and Johnny Kelley, brothers A.J. Kelley, Bobby and Greg McCallister.  

This sweet young lady was taken from us on August 20, 2009 after fighting off illnesses she sustained from a car accident on August 8, 2009.

Lori had a way of making you smile, she touched everyone she met with her kind loving ways. From her beautiful smile to her twinkling eyes you would have known you were talking to an angel. She was just so silly, always making jokes there was hardly a time when she was talking that she didn't let out a giggle.

Lori had dreams of becoming an early childhood educator as she loved children most of all. You could tell this by seeing her with her many neices, nephews, and cousins. She had already begun her education in this area in high school.

Lori is deeply missed by family and friends, and it is hard for us all to understand. But all in all we trust God's plan and know that He needed her in heaven and we will see her again one day.

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my baby sister love u
Added by april ivester
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Personal Notes

doolittle-- i miss you so much already. i just want you to know that i love you very much and i will never forget my baby sister!


Added by boddy

well baby girl, it's been 3 weeks since the accident and 1 since you went home to Jesus. I miss you more and more each day as it is becoming more real that I won't put my arms around you again or tell you I love you again. I hope that you know how much I love you. You were more than just my sister in law, you were my friend. You made me smile. I would give anything to have just a little bit more time with you to let you know how truely precious you are. You are such a beautiful girl inside and out. I love you little sister and I will never forget you. I hope to see you again someday, I will certainly try to live my life right so that I can have that chance. Please watch over all your neices and nephews, they could use a sweet angel like you :)
Added by Jess

hey sissy its me amber if you can hear me i just want to tell you i love you and i miss you very much and that you little poohbear misses you as well and he loves you very much i know you are watching over us everyday.
hugs and kisses,
Amber Rogers and

Added by Amber Rogers

lori i wished i could have met you, i have prayed for you every day for the past few weeks so i feel like i already know you.deepest regrets to all the family.
Added by joni


All family

It's always painful to loose someone dear to your heart so be courageous for each of you as Lori is watching everyone of you where she is. God will certainly give you courage to continue in life. So be brave and have faith in youself.


Added by Anonymous

hey my baby sister is me i love u and miss u so so much i wish u wernt relly gone i miss u so much i think about u every day i know ur my angel now looking down on me!!!i will see u some day in heaven we miss u so much baby doo!!!!I LOVE YOU YOUR BIG SISTER APRIL
Added by Anonymous

Hey lori,its caresse i just wanted to say ur were an amazing person u opend ur heart to everyone no matter what.i know u taught me alot about how to treat others.And i miss you so much.i will never forget all the fun and crazy times me you brit(in gym) and amber(at lunch) had!..i miss you so much and cant wait to see you agian.i know you in a better place and out of the pain that you were in,but i still wish i could have said will be in my heart forever lori..i know ur watchin over all your family and friends..and i want you to kno i have also been prayin for ur family..miss u and loves u
Added by caresse hampton

hello sweet baby angel.. I was just sitting here looking at your picture and still can't believe you're gone. It's like it's not real until I see your face then the reality blows me away. I miss you I wish I could hug you. I wish that everyone would have treated you as wonderful as they are surrounding your memory now. It's funny how the saying is true that you don't know what you got till it's gone. We all know that all to well now. I love you so much little girl.. I hate that I won't get to do all the things we had planned to do. And I promise you that I will go do them and think of you the whole time. *Hugs and Kisses*

Love, Jess

Added by Jess
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