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Born:July 6, 1969
Harris Methodist Hospital-----Tarrant County-Fort Worth, Texas
Died:October 19, 2009
Harris Methodist Hospital-----Tarrant County-Fort Worth, Texas

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Ricky was born with muscular dystrophy, he also had scoliosis, and multiple sclarosis, but he never let it slow him down, he was a fighter,and fought challenges with his dissabillity most of his life. If you ever met Ricky, he was someone you did not forget,you would remember him for life. He traveled to several states, living different places, meeting different people, making new friends whereever he went. But Texas was his home and he always managed to find his way back.He lost his sister and his mom both at an early age, and before he was an adult, he lost his dad. The only family he really had was his friends, after he lost his dad he was pretty much on his own and lost touch with his other family members so they did not really know the Ricky that his friends knew, with his friends he did'nt have to act like someone he was'nt, he could just be Ricky. Ricky loved music, loved playing dominoes online, and he loved meeting people of ages any race or color, he did'nt judge people by their looks, he judged people after he got to know them, and if you were a friend of Ricky's then you were o.k. and you were a friend for life.
Ricky visiting friends
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Ricky at the State Fair
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Ricky at halloween
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Ricky at home
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Personal Notes

Ricky will be loved and missed by all that came into his life family and friends alike.
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