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Born:May 20, 1987
Died:January 4, 2004

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Dustin Alan Hall was an amazing and much loved young man. Taken from us all too soon, in the early morning hours of that sad and tragic day...January 04, 2004. Doing what he did best, he got out of bed and set out to help some friends that needed help getting their car unstuck after 4 wheeling in the desert. After unsuccessfully attempting to get the car free, he loaded 3 female passengers into his truck (to avoid them being any later than they already were)and headed out to take them each to their homes. 
There was a car parked in the middle of the, poorly lit road he was traveling down, and they turned on their lights at the last minute..all too late. Dustin swerved to avoid hitting the car, and lost control of the truck. He hit a concrete construction barrier, shoving it several feet, and began to roll. The truck flipped several times, slamming down ontop of and crushing the roof. At some point the seatbelt that Dustin WAS wearing, was cut, and he, along with his passangers, were ejected from the vehicle. The car that caused the accident drove away ..came back and surveyed the scene..then heartlessly drove away again after the girls got up and tried relentlessly to flagg them down, screaming..."Please help us". They left behind 4 young people, for all they knew, to die. 3 of them whose lives would never be the same again..and 1 of them had just lost his life at the young age of 16. The 3 passangers survived. Jennifer, sitting directly behind Dustin, was the one with the most injury. She sustained a broked pelvis, broken arm, punctured lung, concussion, cuts and bruises. Thankfuly she is doing better now.
Dustin was a godsend that touched and blessed the lives of all who knew him, in a gentle, loving and unique way all his own. Each person that was lucky enough to have had himdrift through their lives was able to truly get a glimpse of the love, joy and happiness tha awaits us at the end of our days.Dustin was our very own little bit of heaven here on earth.
Dustin knew God and was a devoted christian. He carried tall and proud his faith and beliefs. As young as he was, he had a grip on life and knew what was important.
He held his family close to his heart and enjoyed the time he was able to spend with them. He was a great son, brother, grandson, cousin, nephew and friend. We all feel blessed to have had him as a part of our lives, as well as for having been such a huge and important part of his.
Dustin and I were very close. We spent a lot of time together...talking for hours about any and everything...sometimes nothing at all. We,along with my husband,Austin and Justin, created a neighborhood waterballoon/gun fight that lasted for weeks. We would sit and watch thunderstorms, torment my kids..his brothers..and his mother, and best of all we had our traditional boxing matches.(up until he had his growth spurt and I retired before he had the chance to claim my title of champion. I knew i did not any longer stand a chance.) I have a nickname for him...Dusty Rose...that came about one night while we goofed off with Austin and Justin. It just sort of stuck..between us.
So the following is from me to you...My Dusty Rose........ I will always remember our last moments spent together, just a few days before you left us. The kiss on my cheek, the hug,that one dimpled smile you had, and the sound of your voice as you said "I love you Aub.." and forever drove out of my life. I love and miss you more than you could ever know!!! You will never be forgotten and I will carry you always with me throughout my life....inside my heart. Life will never be the same without you in it...Fly Dustin..the way you always dreamed of doing..but never could. Now you can. I love you.....

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vigil held in his honor
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Personal Notes

my sweet boy...I miss you so very mch. Over the years I've learned to cope with everyday life with Gods help. But my laughter will never be as happy. My tears hold way more pain...not a day you don't run through my mind. Life will never be the same without you, never be as filled and full of love. You were our little angel on earth. You had more of a handle on life. Understanding love and forgiveness more than most adults. You taught us the true meaning of family. I love you baby...and I await the day God brings me to you. I will be running with open arms. Love mommy
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