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Born:April 27, 1979
Maputo, Mozambique
Died:April 13, 2010
Maputo, Mozambique

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A hilarius and extremely kind person, friendly, lovable and a great friend. He was loved by his Family and friends, in fact, his family would not be in peace if they did not know he was safe when he was out somewhere. He simply loved to be out enjoying himself, hard working though, complained a lot if he thought something was not right even if it was not. Had great sense of humour, who didn`t enjoy being around him? We all did. We were all saden by the fact that he fell ill, but he was a strong man, still was able to put a smile on our faces and make us laugh. Always ready for the next... But then...from 2008/2009 he was frequently in hospital, too much for one body, but he made it... til January 2010 it hit him hard, in and out of hospital, one week in hopital another at home and so on. The family decided to take him down to Maputo (his roots) hoping his condition would better, which it didn`t, well...maybe it was a little, but then he got much worse and he was admited at MAPUTO CENTRAL HOSPITAL on SATURDAY the 10th April. No doctors were in at the time, so he was left unattended til MONDAY THE 12th April. UNBELIEVEABLE. On the 13th April 2010 he could no longer handle it and gave up on us all. At the time it happend I was thinking about Him, two hours later I got the phone call, my heart tightened as tears rolled. We get gravated at times by how thing are run in our countries HOW CAN A HOSPITAL HAVE NO DOCTORS ON A WEEKEND? So much happens during a weekend, accidents, traumas, hart attacks, DEATHS.....Its really frustrating, I wonder how many families have gone through the same and the GOVERNMENT just doesn`t do a thing to change such situations and happenings. I have to of His brothers was very fortunate, was able to see him, touch him, be close to him, the brother whom HE last saw...DOMICIANO DA CRUZ, who was completely against his stay im Maputo, Mozambique.... and he was not mistaken......

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May you be remembered always my dear friend, and God be with you wherever you are. R.I.P
Added by Latifa Khan
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