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Born:April 26, 1969
Died:May 25, 2010

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Darren traveled across the country with his father and mother from an early age.  They operated hotels and as he often told me, he got to see much of the country at an early age and that was great.  About 20 years ago they moved to Doraville and began operating "Your Extra Attic" as resident managers.  Darren said he loved the business because they were all together and got to meet many interesting people.  In the mid to late nineties his mother died from cancer.  Darren and his father created a garden outside the storage office with a water pond and flowers in her memory. Darren loved his mother dearly.  Darren's father was a great guy.  I had many opportunities to sit and chat with him.  He had a very wry sense of humor and always had Darren and I laughing.  He would get up early and work around the storage facility and crack jokes.  For a man in his late seventies he was very active.  Darren during this time was very happy go lucky and a very fun guy to be around.  He actually drove a Mitsubishi Eclipse and drove it like a sports car driver!  Darren's father suddenly got stomach pains and had to be taken to the hospital.  He had stomach polyps and had to have surgery.  He did not survive unfortunately, and Darren was left alone.  To make things worse, the owner of the storage facility could not allow Darren to stay alone in the facility.  Darren lost his father, best friend, job, and home all on the same day.  He literally had to move all his stuff from the office/home where he and his father had lived for years into a storage facility and move into a hotel.  It was at this time that I was closing on my first home.  Darren came and stayed with me and we lived there and then later at an apartment for around 4 years.  Darren was never the same after his father passed.  He would have better days than others, but always seemed bleak about the past and the future.  For all his sadness, Darren loved poker and being around those who played and he lived doing what he loved to do.
- Shawn "Cheesy" Chavis

Darren also enjoyed MMORPGs and comics. In response to which superhero are you at www.thesuperheroquiz.com, he said he was Spiderman, with Green Lantern a close second.

Here's a video Darren liked: Tesla Coils Playing the Super Mario Bros. Song. The sounds are coming from the sparks--there are no speakers involved. http://www.i-am-bored.com/bored_link.cfm?link_id=26042
- Christian Thompson

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Personal Notes

My mentor, my partner, my friend and most of all my brother. You were LOVED and you WILL BE MISSED!
Added by - Faisal Nayani

Glad I knew him. An excellent poker dealer and student of the game. Tireless in the box in spite of his illnesses.
Added by Christian Thompson

Always a great guy. We will miss him.
Added by John Freemon

I'll miss him. He was one of the good guys.
Added by Alan Betus

He was my best friend. I hope he is at rest. He will always be missed and remembered.
Added by Shawn Chavis

He really was a great guy.
Added by Bill Ard
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