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Born:July 31, 1986
Augusta, Georgia
Died:February 5, 2004
Augusta, Georgia

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Joseph is a true angel who graced any and everyone with his presence. There was a love passion that radiated from every aspect of his being. Joseph was born July 31, 1986; diagnosed with hydrocephalus(fluid on the brain). Doctors expected Joseph to survive no more than two years, but as a miracle he continued to be strong for fifteen years longer. Joseph received a prophecy from the LORD on February 1, 2004, that he has a priesty annointing upon him and that GOD will no longer hold back his promise. The morning of February 5, 2004, Joseph fulfilled his prophecy and duty as an angel as he went home to his KING. Joseph will be forever missed, but forever remembered for his smile, his words, his kisses, and his love.

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It was a hot sweating day July 31.doc
A Strong Father and Loving Mother
Added by Sarah Merrriweather

A Loving Niece
Added by Sarah Merriweather
Personal Notes

Joseph,I love you more than I've ever loved anyone;(second to GOD). When you left me, it felt like my insides dropped out. I wasn't able to mourn like I wanted to for a long time. I got upset when people prayed for you to wake up, because I knew you wouldn't trade heaven for anything else in our world;I want you to have all your heart desires. I'm so proud of you and I know you watch over us all. I love you so much and I miss you. Help me to be strong.
Forever your loving sister,

Added by Sarah Merriweather

Hello Joseph,
I love you very much and miss you greatly. I had a difficult time with your transition because I could not believe it. Thank you for leading by example here on earth and even in your transition. I adore you, Joseph. You made the right decision and I am very proud of you. Enjoy your new life and continue to watch over us.

Added by Paula S. Owens
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