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Born:November 8, 1938
Died:October 25, 1995
Pilgrims knob, Virginia

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I would like to say a few things about my grandmother.  She was the sweetest person I knew.  We loved her so much, when she passed away we thought we were in a dream.  We still think we are.  Me, my sister, & my cousin were her first grandchildren.  All girls, so we were spoiled by her.  She would get us something everytime she'd go out.  She would never leave us out of anything.  When she left us, she had 10 grandchildren.  Now she has 11 grandchildren, & 3 great grandchildren.  I know that she would be proud she was always proud of her family.

Some of her family would make fun of her because she didn't have as much as they did. But now she has more than anyone could desire on earth. What she has now no one can get unless they go to heaven. I know she's in heaven because she went to church & served our Lord Jesus Christ. She always taught us about him. She always said you should fear, & love him. She would listen to the radio about everyday. Sometimes she would cry, & I was a little girl, I never knew why she did this until now.

I know that she may not have had much but she's got a whole lot now. She use to tell us, " Money ain't everything but having a family who loves you is." I use to think what do you mean, but now I know. She tried to show us that love is more than anything. If you had someone to love you then you should show them love also.

I'm glad that I got to do this for her. I loved her so much that it would take me a long time to tell how much. We loved her so much & still do.

You are still in our hearts, & don't give up on us. One day we will meet again.
our momaw & popaw
Added by Debbie Ann
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I love you momaw, I wish I could be with you. Thank heavens you don't have to be here & look at what's happening to this world. I know you are resting.

Added by Debbie Ann
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