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Born:August 27, 1910
Died:July 10, 2003
South Australia

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To my beloved Nana,

I remember very fondly how you patiently showed me the "Art" of making perfect scones.

I remember how at the family Christmas table, we would all wait excitedly for our puddings to be placed in front of us...............each hiding a surprise or two in the middle. How simple pleasures of those sixpences etc brought so much joy.

I remember how each Corgi...Ringo, Randy, Becky and Corky all soon learnt that you, their mum, would get up in a ad break to get supper of a cup of black tea and vegemite or promite on toast the same time every night - always shared - some for you, some for them. When i stayed there as a child in the holidays, and then visiting in my adult years, right up until your passing, i too looked forward to that time of the evening with you. You cant forget the smell of well cooked toast and a freshly brewed cuppa.........M m m m m m...

I loved your pretty silver grey hair, gently waved, combed and set.

I loved how you proudly showed me each time i saw you, of the new cuttings you had planted and the young babies you had growing. You loved your Garden and the Garden seemed to love you.

The wonderful memories of sitting in the kitchen over a huge bowl of Pineapple Guavas, all of us greedily scooping one after another into our mouths..............and then looking at the total devastation 10 mins later at the empty casings and our sticky fingers but wasnt it the best Nana.

I so much remember waking in the early hours, every time i stayed for the holidays and being comforted by the sound of the Mantle clocks tune every quarter hour and the full piece followed by the appropriate no. of "Dongs" on the hour. I'd listen to which one it was and snuggle up in the covers wondering if i'd hear the next...........i found it quite peaceful.

The tireless hours and hours you spent crocheting booties, mittens, shawls, jackets, bonnets etc etc etc for your Grandchildren. I was very proud of them and hope you know i appreciated the time and love you put in to each and every piece. I still have them..........and they are precious.

Lastly, i remember a lady who worked tirelessly in the home, had so many friends, a fabulous cook, so very patient at times with young grandchildren and great grandchildren, an advisor and a true Flora and Fauna lover.

I love you Nana, thankyou so much and i hope as a great grand-daughter i have made you proud after my rocky and immature young Adulthood some 20 years ago. I am sorry for the times i may have disappointed you, truly sorry.....but hope you can see me now, for who and what i have become. Hopefully some of it, is you.

I love you very much, hope you found Papa, Ringo, Randy, Becky and Corky.

Lots of Love Always and Forever in our thoughts,

Michele and also Brenton, Jasmine & Casey XXXXXXXXXXXX

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Happy, Happy 100th Birthday Nana. Love and miss you and all the wonderful things about you. Hope youre with Papa and Ringo, Randy, Becky & Corky.
Love you lots, Miss you more,
Michele and Brenton, Jasmine & Casey. xxxx

Added by Michele

Think of you often Nana. Love you always and forever. Michele, Jas and Casey. XXXXXXXX
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