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Born:March 25, 1952
Died:September 25, 2009

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My dear mother,Margaret,was born to parents-Patrick Doman and Florrie Appaddoo at Berbice.They then migrated to Georgetown where they she lived and grew in a humble home.At the tender age of 24 yrs she then met with my caring dad-Harry Biswanauth Balkissoon,where they started a common-law union and begotted children.Being a mother of five biological and numerous adopted children ,she dedicated her life to providing and caring for her family.She always worked hard to make ends meet for her family without never once coplaining to anyone.She would often deprived herself from her meals so that others-be it family or strangers-could benefit from it and in doing so only drank a cup of water and went to bed.She was a pricless treasure and surely the root of our family which kept us together.This was proven after her death when everyone went their seperate ways and the house who's doors were always open are often closed now.She was indeed a woman of great measure who left a great legacy of teaching all how to share without expecting anything in return.We often told her that she was allowing persons to take advantage of her kindness but it was only when she died that we realised she was showing them constant love so that eventually they in turn would someday know how to share and extend love.Her passing to the great beyond has left us all so empty.Today marks one year since she left us but I can still remember that day when she left as if it was a few seconds ago.Knowned to all as Margaret, Mommy, Grandmother, 
Aunty Margaret&Sister Margaret she will always be rememebered for as it is truly said "It's not what you take when you are leaving,but it's what you leave when you go".
She has indeed left a great legacy that no one can replace nor forget.She will always be love and remembered.

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